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Family Syrphidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha → family Syrphidae


Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 3 (3 illustrated). Tribes: 13 (8 illustrated). Subtribes: 6 (6 illustrated). Genera: 214 (39 illustrated). Species.

Allobaccha [genus]

Allobaccha amphithoe, Allobaccha angustivertex, Allobaccha annulifemur, Allobaccha apicalis, Allobaccha atra, Allobaccha basalis, Allobaccha bequaerti, Allobaccha bergi, Allobaccha binghami, Allobaccha brevis, Allobaccha brunnea, Allobaccha chalybaea, Allobaccha chalybea, Allobaccha chalybescens, Allobaccha circumcincta, Allobaccha claripennis, Allobaccha cochleariformis, Allobaccha conifrons, Allobaccha cuthbertsoni, Allobaccha dacipennis, Allobaccha denhoedi, Allobaccha dispar, Allobaccha eclara, Allobaccha elegans, Allobaccha euryptera, Allobaccha fallax, Allobaccha flavibasis, Allobaccha flavipes, Allobaccha fumosa, Allobaccha gigas, Allobaccha grahami, Allobaccha gratiosa, Allobaccha helva, Allobaccha ichneumonea, Allobaccha incisa, Allobaccha inversa, Allobaccha keiseri, Allobaccha liberia, Allobaccha loriae, Allobaccha luteolimbata, Allobaccha macgregori, Allobaccha madecassa, Allobaccha marginata, Allobaccha meijerei, Allobaccha moluccana, Allobaccha monobia, Allobaccha mundula, Allobaccha mundulosa, Allobaccha neavei, Allobaccha nigrapex, Allobaccha nigriceps, Allobaccha nigricoxa, Allobaccha nigroscutata, Allobaccha nitidithorax, Allobaccha obscura, Allobaccha oldroydi, Allobaccha pallida, Allobaccha pedunculata, Allobaccha perpallida, Allobaccha picta, Allobaccha plumbicincta, Allobaccha porphyra, Allobaccha praeusta, Allobaccha pulchrifrons, Allobaccha purpuricola, Allobaccha refulgens, Allobaccha rubella, Allobaccha sapphirina, Allobaccha sauteri, Allobaccha schistaceifrons, Allobaccha semifumosa, Allobaccha semilimpida, Allobaccha serena, Allobaccha signata, Allobaccha similis, Allobaccha sinuata, Allobaccha siphanticida, Allobaccha subflava, Allobaccha sumbana, Allobaccha tinctiventris, Allobaccha triangulifera, Allobaccha umbrifera, Allobaccha varipes, Allobaccha velox, Allobaccha vespaeformis, Allobaccha vivida, Allobaccha wainwrighti, Allobaccha wegneri

anu [genus]

Anu una

Conosyrphus Frey, 1915 [genus]

Conosyrphus tolli

Graptomyza [genus]

Graptomyza alabeta, Graptomyza amplicavum, Graptomyza angustimarginata, Graptomyza antipoda, Graptomyza arisana, Graptomyza atripes, Graptomyza aurea, Graptomyza bergi, Graptomyza brevirostris, Graptomyza breviscutum, Graptomyza chaetomelas, Graptomyza clarala, Graptomyza completa, Graptomyza coniceps, Graptomyza coomani, Graptomyza cornuta, Graptomyza cynocephala, Graptomyza dentata, Graptomyza doddi, Graptomyza dolichocera, Graptomyza elegans, Graptomyza fascipennis, Graptomyza flavicollis, Graptomyza flavipes, Graptomyza flavitincta, Graptomyza flavonotata, Graptomyza flavorhyncha, Graptomyza formosana, Graptomyza gibbula, Graptomyza globigaster, Graptomyza hardyi, Graptomyza hova, Graptomyza ihai, Graptomyza inclusa, Graptomyza interrupta, Graptomyza ishikawai, Graptomyza itoi, Graptomyza jacobsoni, Graptomyza javensis, Graptomyza latiusculus, Graptomyza lineata, Graptomyza literata, Graptomyza loewi, Graptomyza longicornis, Graptomyza longirostris, Graptomyza longqishanica, Graptomyza lutea, Graptomyza maculipennis, Graptomyza melliponaeformis, Graptomyza microdon, Graptomyza minor, Graptomyza mitis, Graptomyza multiseta, Graptomyza nigra, Graptomyza nigricavum, Graptomyza nigripes, Graptomyza nitobei, Graptomyza obtusa, Graptomyza oceanica, Graptomyza okawai, Graptomyza pallidinotata, Graptomyza palmeri, Graptomyza perforata, Graptomyza periaurantaca, Graptomyza phyllocera, Graptomyza plumifer, Graptomyza punctata, Graptomyza quadrifaria, Graptomyza rectifacies, Graptomyza robusticornis, Graptomyza seimunda, Graptomyza semicircularia, Graptomyza setigloba, Graptomyza sexnotata, Graptomyza signata, Graptomyza spectralis, Graptomyza spinifera, Graptomyza suavissima, Graptomyza subflavonotata, Graptomyza summa, Graptomyza takeuchii, Graptomyza tibialis, Graptomyza tinctovittata, Graptomyza triangulifera, Graptomyza trilineata, Graptomyza triseriata, Graptomyza uchiyamai, Graptomyza varia, Graptomyza ventralis, Graptomyza xanthopoda, Graptomyza yangi, Graptomyza yasumatui

Myathropa Rondani, 1845 [genus]

Myathropa florea, Myathropa usta

Pia [genus]

Pia cyanea

Spheginoides Szilady, 1939 [genus]

Spheginoides obscurus

Syrphidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Syrphidae sp. (large size).

Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp. Syrphidae sp.


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