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Phone on any issues related to the site and insects: +7 (495) 255-00-95.

Contact person: Peter Khramov.

Where to address to get quick and detailed answer

If you need help in species identification, upload the photos to the gallery or start new topic in the Community (if you don't have any photos). Don't forget to write where you made the photo or caught the insect.

If you have any questions/proposals about the website for public discussion, start new topic in the Community or write in existing topic.

If you've got a personal question to the website editor/administrator, contact him by the details above. Please, notice that I am not best choice for species identification. Mostly I am in charge of general website questions, all technical and development issues, resolving disputable situations, large data processing and big website updates. Nevertheless if you don't know where to address your question write/call me and we resolve your question or I'll forward you to more efficient source of information.

Random photos from the website gallery

[117858] Furcula furcula sangaica Ennomos erosaria [22077] Gastropacha orientalis charaxes zingha Photo #6222 (Undetermined species) Lomographa temerata [53124] Nymphidium menalcus [1035354] Prosopocoilus umhangi [900444] Sepsidae [9726] Euzophera bigella [947294] Psyllidae Euclidia glyphica (Linnaeus, 1758) [15168] Rhyparioides amurensis Clostera pigra Melitaea phoebe (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775) = Papilio phoebe — Шашечница феба Photo #42164 (Undetermined species) Photo #41696 (Undetermined species) [1002436] Cryptocephalus moraei Acronicta menyanthidis notocelia roborana Agrochola nitida erynnis tages [149446] Leptura annularis panthea coenobita [109896] Cercyonis pegala nephele [8315] Cerura erminea [894131] Lonchaea [935445] Chrysididae  [Семейство] Photo #13991 (Undetermined species) [680071] Ecliptopera dissecta Rhagades pruni Photo #10673 (Undetermined species) [991795] Capnodis tenebricosa [11277] Aethes moribundana [840777] Cerambycidae Latreille, 1802 [Семейство] Pleurota aristella Atolmis rubricollis Photo #20634 (Undetermined species) Synanthedon uralensis [16727] Tirumala septentrionis [22612] Prometopus flavicollis Epermenia illigerella [111163] Cethosia myrina ribbei [224147] Tomicus piniperda Photo #27540 (Undetermined species) international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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