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Random photos from the gallery

[938792] Leptopterna dolabrata [228579] Polydrusus undatus Photo #8103 (Undetermined species) Mycalesis visala Horisme corticata Photo #28843 (Undetermined species) [1031929] Acinopus striolatus [1] Lepidoptera Lycaena thersamon scoparia pyralella Pyrgus orcynoides (Giacomelli, 1928) = Hydraenomia orcynoides Photo #4393 (Undetermined species) [1001442] Agrypnus murinus [16429] Eurytides thyastes [949030] Chorthippus Morpho peleides = Morpho helenor peleides [64774] Eupterote lineosa Photo #23027 (Undetermined species) [8587] Euphydryas aurinia [947393] Aphididae [7285] Hydraecia micacea Photo #42105 (Undetermined species) [1031838] Lucanus maculifemoratus [949030] Chorthippus [8252] Autographa buraetica international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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