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The website 10th Anniversary and offline partying

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Peter Khramov, 13.01.2017 2:51

In September 2017, (former and its community hits 10 years. Nothing is wrong with boozing it up!
It may seem a little too soon to discuss such an event but you know how it is: somebody always «just can't» because of «why couldn't you tell me earlier».
Let's begin the discussion without any chances for procrastination and some people going under the radar at that same time.
I suggest we meet this autumn to celebrate and get acquainted (if you haven't yet). How about Moscow/Russia for the place and annual entomological exhibition for the time? Any other ideas are welcomed too!
Share your thoughts and let's go wild.

PS. The first website news (2007):


18.01.2017 21:33, Ryan Brookes

Certainly there is no better place than Moscow for the event. I have visited Moscow before and look forward to the exhibition and discussion.

18.06.2017 13:53, Peter Khramov

Hey, guys! It's June already. Let's begin to plan it through. Who is in favor and who is against.

18.06.2017 14:10, Shamil Murtazin

The exhibition dates: 21-22 of October 2017 (

19.06.2017 16:16, Peter Khramov

Ok then, let's plan it for that time. Non-residents, could you do it?

19.06.2017 19:00, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I'll be there one hundred percent. It's my nineth (since 2010!)

19.06.2017 23:42, Peter Khramov

Shamil, how about you?

20.06.2017 0:04, Shamil Murtazin

I'd like it very much, but I can't be sure of definite yes or no right now =)

05.07.2017 22:16, Peter Khramov

Evgeny Komarov, Irina Nikulina, you?

05.07.2017 22:45, Irina Nikulina

I can't be sure either) Maybe I'll be at the other place in October.

23.07.2017 22:12, Peter Khramov

Alex Zhakov, could you be there, in Moscow?

25.07.2017 14:45, Alexandr Zhakov

I'm not going as yet :)

26.07.2017 23:51, Peter Khramov

Just think about it! Let's have some porto and interesting discussion!)

27.07.2017 15:55, Alexandr Zhakov

It would be good, but I'll not be able to do it :)

31.08.2017 16:38, Peter Khramov

Please be reminded, the Moscow entomological exhibition will take place from 21 to 22 of October 2017. You are welcome to participate in meeting at that time! 10 years, yo!)

12.10.2017 12:13, Peter Khramov

Предлагаю потихоньку устраивать перекличку. Кто уже точно решил, что приедет — отзывайтесь!

13.10.2017 15:46, Vasiliy Feoktistov

19.06.2017 19:00, Василий Феоктистов
Ну я-то там буду ошиваться стопудово )
Уже девятое мероприятие на моём счету будет (с 2010 года без прогулов) :)
По крайней мере 1 день буду точно (дела там есть кое-какие).

16.10.2017 12:34, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Я буду

18.10.2017 17:40, Peter Khramov

Шамиль, ты как нынче, пьющий?

18.10.2017 20:33, Shamil Murtazin

Нет, алкоголь не пью. С приездом пока непонятно. Завтра будет ясно.

19.10.2017 10:53, Evgeny Komarov

У меня не складывается - в конторе проверка - стоим на ушах и еще стоять будем с неделю :(

19.10.2017 21:43, Peter Khramov

Эхх... Шамиль, сообщай, как у тебя.

20.10.2017 14:03, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Я тоже ничего крепче газировки нынче не потребляю....
Только язву удалось малость придушить. Как-то так (((

20.10.2017 21:23, Peter Khramov

Даешь комсомольскую свадьбу! :--)

20.10.2017 21:56, Dmitriy Pozhogin

А мы будем бухать. Больных людей жаль(((

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