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30.09.2008 22:50, Peter Khramov: comment on And further. Scoops

New information for dozens of species: Scoop biryuchnaya Female shuttle willow Earias vernana plusiinae gamma Autographa pulchrina plusiinae iota plusiinae gilded winter moth Archiearis notha Vesennitsa ordinary Scoop crustal yellow-brown Hoplodrina octogenaria Scoop ground light gray Scoop ...

29.09.2008 23:55, Peter Khramov: comment on Another moth. And dustpan

Two dozen new definitions ... Scoop pistachio Scoop mi Scoop Greater South Scoop Serpokrylov Scoop galloway Scoop red-green Scoop zubchatokrylaya Scoop gray Goroshkova basket-mouths dlinnoschupikovaya Scoop willow moth trapping black moths moths contrast Larentsiya ordinary moth thyme ...

28.09.2008 23:45, Peter Khramov: comment on New definitions

It added about forty new miniopisany butterflies, mostly mikrocheshuekrylyh and moths: gooseberry moth moth motley celastraceae moths birch Epione repandaria moths limbic blueberry moth planed moths hawthorn moths lunchataya chetyrehpolosaya moths angular alder moths angular birch moths angular ash stripped ...

18.09.2008 19:44, Peter Khramov: comment on New pictures of butterflies from Valerie Maslennikova

The gallery - photo poplar lentochnika , descriptions - blue sash and Rheumaptera undulata .

17.09.2008 21:10, Peter Khramov: comment on Photo of two new travyanok

First travyanka: Titanio normalis . Second travyanka: Evergestis desertalis .

31.08.2008 4:31, Peter Khramov: comment on Added a lot of photos

Reloading images that were not already because of the bug that was just fixed a. Now Gallery 1000 photo butterflies .

09.08.2008 2:20, Peter Khramov: comment on More about uploading photos

According to the results of testing of the new system it is covered for completion: -)

07.08.2008 23:46, Peter Khramov: comment on The first version of the new system

Beginning August 7 registered users can ship pictures without having to enter each time your data. It's enough to enter the site under your name and password before downloading photo.Those who have not yet registered on the site, are automatically placed in the authors after loading the first photo, and in the case of approval of the administrator, will receive a letter with a password to ...

04.08.2008 9:30, Peter Khramov: comment on Start rescheduled for August 7

Start of self-loading photo postponed to August 7. Then nachinet job section "Communication".

26.07.2008 21:05, Peter Khramov: comment on Gallery butterflies

Taki has earned test version gallery butterflies , where you can view all the images that are available now online. The trial version contains a number of limitations, such as the photo shows is not accessible to the maximum size and can not choose the number of preview of the page. These features will be added in the next version.

25.07.2008 21:00, Peter Khramov: comment on More Searches

Skip to main search added another option - site search using engine Yandex, which takes into account the specified indexed search engine page.

24.07.2008 21:15, Peter Khramov: comment on Dovylozheny photo

There is the last of the images sent via the old system.

18.07.2008 1:00, Peter Khramov: comment on On the publication of images

In connection with work on the automation of the publication of pictures of Lepidoptera on our site is temporarily disabled the ability to publish the old way. All images sent until July 18, will be published no later than July 25th. The new system will start working not later than August 1. Upd: Still later. But funkionalnee.

10.06.2008 19:20, Peter Khramov: comment on Photos Endromis versicolora

New picture birch moth by Marina Shushkova .

03.06.2008 19:55, Peter Khramov: comment on Ability to upload a photo site for our users

Now, any user of the site has to offer your photo to be published on the site. Please find terms of publication of the photographs on a special page and intereysom download them - on any page with the description of any species of butterfly.

03.06.2008 14:11, Peter Khramov: comment on And two

Calliteara abietis and Egira conspicillaris .

28.05.2008 19:10, Peter Khramov: comment on 2 new photograph

Fluffy lasiocampidae and < em> Lithostege farinata . Author of pictures - Sergei Didenko .

27.05.2008 21:10, Peter Khramov: comment on Prerequisites publishing photos online

Potential authors (and not only they) can read them on the special page .

19.05.2008 22:00, Peter Khramov: comment on New search site

Actually, the beginning of its work the new version of search by species and other taxa of butterflies on As always, comments and suggestions are made to the general e-mail address (see the. Bottom of the page). In order to look for something as simple as entering a search term in the top right of any page of the site and press Enter (Enter).

16.05.2008 20:44, Peter Khramov: comment on Several shots "exotic"

Troides helena , Morpho peleides , Morpho didius and Caligo memnon .

10.05.2008 11:20, Peter Khramov: comment on Two and one zygaenidae Hyles

Zygaenidae Swiss and oxalic and Hyles - Leghorn: Zygaena transalpina Adscita statices Hyles livornica

08.05.2008 17:30, Peter Khramov: comment on Fresh pictures

Imago strelchatki oxalic .

08.05.2008 0:10, Peter Khramov: comment on The new image and a new description of the butterflies

New photo pestrokrylnitsy volatile and brief descriptions of several moths: Eulithis populata - moth yellow Eulithis mellinata Erannis defoliaria - moth-stripped Alsophila aescularia - moth Elm Minoa murinata - moth Euphorbiaceae Epirrhoe tristata - Larentsiya sad Ecliptopera silaceata - Larentsiya kipreyny Xanthorhoe ...

06.05.2008 11:30, Peter Khramov: comment on New photo and description for herbal moth

New Snapshot - page Ematurga atomaria . Short description - there.

06.05.2008 0:05, Peter Khramov: comment on Moth, moths, and the like cute creation

Such as: Ethmia bipunctella - Mole yellow-bellied chernotochechnaya Carcina quercana Tineola bisselliella - Moth Hanging Hypsopygia costalis Ephestia kuehniella - Ognyevka Mills Dioryctria abietella - Ognyevka spruce

05.05.2008 12:45, Peter Khramov: comment on Now - more than 500 species

The number of species for which the site has descriptions and / or photographs, passed through polutysyachnuyu mark.

05.05.2008 12:40, Peter Khramov: comment on Zygaenidae, sovkovidki, serpokrylki, tupokrylki and carpenter

The full list of updates: Zeuzera pyrina - zeuzera pyrina Cossus cossus - cossus cossus Falcaria lacertinaria - Serpokrylka dry leaf Cilix glaucata - Tupokrylka white Drepana falcataria - Serpokrylka ordinary Drepana curvatula - Serpokrylka alder Tethea ocularis Tethea or - Sovkovidka real gray Habrosyne pyritoides ...

04.05.2008 0:55, Peter Khramov: comment on More Corydalis. Hepialidae. And zygaenidae

The list below ... Zygaena filipendulae - six-spot burnet Zygaena trifolii - zygaenidae clover Hepialus humuli - hepialidae hop Phymatopus hecta Clostera anachoreta - Kistochnitsa recluse Clostera curtula - Kistochnitsa tailed Clostera pigra - Kistochnitsa small Clostera anastomosis - Kistochnitsa poplar Ptilophora ...

03.05.2008 16:50, Peter Khramov: comment on More Corydalis

Seven stuff: Notodonta dromedarius - Corydalis alder Notodonta ziczac - Corydalis lilac Ptilodon capucina - Corydalis lime Stauropus fagi - lobster moth Pterostoma palpina - Corydalis ostrogolovaya Amata phegea - Lzhepestryanka ordinary Eilema depressa - Lishaynitsa flat

03.05.2008 14:20, Peter Khramov: comment on Corydalis, Moth, hiking silkworms

Addition to the traditional supraspecific Limacodidae - Sliznevidki Sphingidae - hawk moths and species descriptions Euproctis chrysorrhoea - yellowtail Euproctis similis - Zheltoguzka Lymantria dispar - Silkworm unpaired Leucoma salicis - Moths willow Arctornis l-nigrum - Moths el black Orgyia recens - Red-spotted ...

03.05.2008 1:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Lishaynitsy

New site for the species: Setina irrorella - Lishaynitsa molevidnaya yellow Atolmis rubricollis - Lishaynitsa krasnosheynaya Eilema sororcula - Lishaynitsa golden Eilema complana - Lishaynitsa ordinary Eilema lurideola - Lishaynitsa lead-gray Lithosia quadra - Lishaynitsa chetyrehpyatnistaya Cybosia mesomella - Lishaynitsa beautiful ...

01.05.2008 1:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Continued hawk moths, and not only

Updates and additions over the last couple of days: Miltochrista miniata - Lishaynitsa pink Parasemia plantaginis - Podorozhnitsa ordinary Mimas tiliae - Hyles lime Laothoe populi - Hyles poplar Smerinthus ocellata - Hyles mottled Agrius convolvuli - Hyles convolvulaceae Sphinx ligustri - Hyles lilac Hyloicus pinastri - Sphinx Pinastri Hyles ...

28.04.2008 18:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Bagworm moth, and revelers pavlinoglazki

Apterona helicoidella Canephora hirsuta - bagworm moth monochrome Sterrhopterix fusca - bagworm moth hairy Daphnis nerii - Daphnis Nerii Hemaris tityus - Hobotnik skabiozovy Hemaris fuciformis < / em> - Hobotnik shmelevidny Acherontia atropos - Hyles dead head Saturnia pavonia - small night peacock Aglia tau - Red Night Peacock

28.04.2008 14:50, Peter Khramov: comment on Bear and sesiidae

Yesterday and today - some additions to the descriptions, as well as a completely new website for information on the following types: Spilosoma lubricipeda - Bear speckled Hyphantria cunea - The American white butterfly Spilosoma lutea - Bear yellow Phragmatobia fuliginosa - Dipper mobile Phragmatobia luctifera - Black Bear Hyphoraia aulica - Bear brown-yellow ...

25.04.2008 23:23, Peter Khramov: comment on Four and a half harpy

Furcula bicuspis Furcula bifida Furcula furcula Cerura erminea Cerura vinula

25.04.2008 1:55, Peter Khramov: comment on Copper-butterfly rimn

Information this Red a blues from the Red Book.

23.04.2008 13:13, Peter Khramov: comment on Big night peacock eye

He - pear pavlinoglazki .

18.04.2008 21:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Hives and day peacock

Two of the most famous Nymphalidae: Aglais urticae - urticaria and Inachis io - Daily Peacock .

15.04.2008 21:02, Peter Khramov: comment on Set lentochnikov and other Nymphalidae

Namely, added another piece of information for the following: Vanessa cardui - Painted Lady Vanessa atalanta - Admiral Neptis sappho - char Sappho Neptis rivularis - char tavolgovaya Limenitis camilla - lentochnik Camilla Limenitis populi - lentochnik poplar Limenitis reducta - Single row lentochnik

14.04.2008 20:40, Peter Khramov: comment on Two additional perelivnitsy

Adding another species and information about it - perelivnitsa Schrenk (Apatura schrenckii) and additions to the second type - perelivnitsa small (Apatura ilia) .

13.04.2008 17:50, Peter Khramov: comment on Adding to the description of a large perelivnitsy

Description as before, located in the same place

11.04.2008 18:00, Peter Khramov: comment on The site became faster

Performed additional work to optimize your site code is now issuing the pages, especially with descriptions of individual species will become even faster. Even if this site decided to completely deflate a couple of fans with teleports.

10.04.2008 18:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Article Maxim Klepikova

« Rare and protected species of butterflies (Insecta: Lepidoptera) Polovtsian-Kupanskogo bog ».

08.04.2008 20:40, Peter Khramov: comment on Tolstotel Paralebeda femorata

Has laid out a modest description Ussuri tolstotela .

07.04.2008 20:50, Peter Khramov: comment on Continuing the theme shelko- lasiocampidae

Pachypasa otus - tolstotel cypress Dendrolimus segregastes - cedar moth Dendrolimus pini - lasiocampidae pine Odonestis pruni - moth plum

30.03.2008 14:44, Peter Khramov: comment on Silkworms kind of Gastropacha

Today kratenko considered two European (and not only European) species belonging to the genus with the romantic name bellied moth . Outwardly, they both - and Gastropacha quercifolia , and G.populifolia similar, but the differences are still there, both in the adult stage, and caterpillars from the pupae, and in addition, a second species - poplar moth - occurs much less often the first - ...

28.03.2008 20:00, Peter Khramov: comment on More silkworms - good and different

Edited descriptions herbal and Malin silkworms, added information on new types of - silkworm Ussuri grassy , shelkopryadu notched gray and reddish silkworm notched .

27.03.2008 21:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Maintenance Pack lasiocampidae

List updated or newly added types: Lasiocampa trifolii Lasiocampa quercus Eriogaster neogena Eriogaster lanestris Eriogaster catax Eriogaster rimicola Poecilocampa populi .

26.03.2008 20:30, Peter Khramov: comment on New information on the Catocala and Malacosoma

Additives to the descriptions purple and blue sashes and ringed silkworm . New definitions Pyreinoye and Euphorbiaceae silkworms.

25.03.2008 21:00, Peter Khramov: comment on And about lasiocampidae (supraspecific taxa)

Addenda to certain types lasiocampidae: Moth fenestrated lasiocampidae pine lasiocampidae ringed . And a description of their supraspecific taxa: lasiocampidae Silkworm motley Silkworm hairy Silkworm fluffy Silkworm spineless lasiocampidae Silkworm raspberry Tolstotel Silkworm coniferous Silkworm cereal Silkworm ...

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