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Taxonomy. Classification

Discussions on general taxonomy questions of the Insecta. Suggestions on the website database updates and taxa ordering.

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Please add view / other taxa 15.11.2013 0:11 Peter Khramov

In this issue we write about the kinds of messages and other taxa that are not in the database, or you did not find them there, including synonym. Accordingly, other users and moderators look, is it true taxon (or synonym) in the no moderators, if ...

14.12.2018 5:30 Vera Volkotrub, Please add view / other taxa

нет таксонов Malachius prolongatus, Denticollis cinctus, Laemophloeus ribbei, Litargus kyushuensis

Добавьте род Demochroa 02.10.2018 7:15 Vadim Voitsekhovskii

Demochroa is a genus of beetles in the family Buprestidae, containing the following species:[1] Demochroa detanii Kurosawa, 1983 Demochroa gratiosa Deyrolle, 1864 Demochroa hashimotoi Kurosawa, 1991 Demochroa kiyoshii Endo, 1993 Demochroa ...

02.10.2018 7:15 Vadim Voitsekhovskii, Добавьте род Demochroa

Demochroa is a genus of beetles in the family Buprestidae, containing the following species:[1] Demochroa detanii Kurosawa, 1983 Demochroa gratiosa Deyrolle, ...

Kamalia kandyia wisei (Swinhoe, 1891) (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae) 01.04.2017 22:51 Ryan Brookes Please note that the species kandyia Moore and subspecies wisei Swinhoe is now placed in the genus Kamalia Koçak & Kemal, not Neocerura ...

05.09.2017 21:05 Peter Khramov, Kamalia kandyia wisei (Swinhoe, 1891) (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae)

The species was transferred to Kamalia in April, 2017.

Barsine gratiosa (Guérin-Méneville, 1843) 12.05.2017 8:00 Ryan Brookes

Photo #64880 This species has been transferred to the genus Barsine Walker. Please ...

05.09.2017 21:03 Peter Khramov, Barsine gratiosa (Guérin-Méneville, 1843)

Alex, what's your opinion on the matter?

Pardoxia graellsi (Feisthamel, 1837) 12.05.2017 8:24 Ryan Brookes

Hey, I misidentified this moth as Xanthodes intersepta Guenée, 1852 but it is really Pardoxia graellsi (Feisthamel, 1837). I sent a mail to the admin informing him about the mistake but no ...

05.09.2017 21:02 Peter Khramov, Pardoxia graellsi (Feisthamel, 1837)

The photo was transferred to Pardoxia graellsi, but only in August 2017 :-)

Pyralid Moths of Borneo: Part 1 06.01.2017 16:05 Svetlana Shchavelina

3 января в Natural History Publications (Borneo) прошла презентация новой книги "Pyralid Moths of Borneo: Part 1" при участии трех со-авторов: Dr Stephen Sutton, Dr Terry Whitaker and Dato' ...

07.01.2017 21:23 Dmitriy Pozhogin, Pyralid Moths of Borneo: Part 1

Что за насекомое? 07.11.2016 16:43 Alex ntizvestniy

Здравствуйте. Подскажите пожалуйста что это за насекомое? Сегодня жена увидела на подоконнике когда хотела открыть окна на ...

07.11.2016 20:45 Ivan Tislenko, Что за насекомое?

Camptopus lateralis

Site taxonomy explanation ? 20.10.2016 2:30 Miran Cvenkel Species name(s) Saturnia (Eudia) pavonia (Linnaeus, 1758) = Eudia pavonia (Linnaeus, 1758) = Phalaena pavonia Linnaeus, 1758 = minor Linnaeus, 1758 = Bombyx carpini Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775 = alpina Favre, ...

20.10.2016 2:33 Miran Cvenkel, Site taxonomy explanation ?

For some reason message did not stick, anyway: Species ...

Classification 15.02.2012 19:20 Alexandr Zhakov

Igor Sakhno, please, check out the Taxonomy page, all Satirinae here belong to Nymphalidae :)

26.08.2016 23:40 Evgeny Komarov, Classification

А как уберете - маякните, я его по месту ...

Unknown egg layings 09.10.2015 7:24 Yuri Semejkin

There are a few shots ovipositions - presumably beetles and others. Insects. (not Lepidoptera). That I do not know to throw them here-not to throw?, That they have not lost in the mass. And more: Spices masonry seems not.

09.10.2015 19:29 Peter Khramov, Unknown egg layings

Yuri, out. Anywhere they will not get lost, not a lot of photos are of ...

Carabidae subfamilies 24.09.2015 5:34 Evgeny Komarov

Somehow I do not pay attention to the "upper part" of the tree taxa of this family, and now found that the subfamily Harpalinae dumped everything possible and impossible. Adequate classification of ground beetles here! It ...

01.10.2015 15:47 Peter Khramov, Carabidae subfamilies


Erebidae, Hypenodinae 11.09.2015 16:29 Oleg Pekarsky

To sort Schrankia has published a comprehensive list of known species - Pekarsky O (2012) A new species of Schrankia Hübner, 1825 from China (Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Hypenodinae). ZooKeys 242: 43-50. doi: 10.3897 / zookeys.242.3856

13.09.2015 3:05 Peter Khramov, Erebidae, Hypenodinae

Oleg, now in this section, so very little, so that no problems can ...

Noctuidae, Bryophilinae 11.09.2015 15:02 Oleg Pekarsky

List Stenoloba site contains 15 species, and in 2013 they were 75. Since then, several species described, so that now there are more 80ti. I can provide a list for inclusion in the database.

11.09.2015 16:19 Alexandr Zhakov, Noctuidae, Bryophilinae

Option 2 is excellent. :)

Noctunae, Tribus Agrotini Rambur, 1848 11.09.2015 12:02 Oleg Pekarsky

Genus Agrotis somehow placed in the tribe Noctuini. It is necessary to move it to the tribe Agrotini.

11.09.2015 12:08 Oleg Pekarsky, Noctunae, Tribus Agrotini Rambur, 1848

Agrotis stenibergmanni raised to species in 2014. Who is online it as a ...

Hemiptera 09.09.2015 16:28 Yuri Semejkin

I would like to ask where classification bugs. From the directory where the determinants or more. And that is not all autosubstitution. And somebody else might say. There is a book. Vinokurov NN Kanyukova EV Golub VB 2010 Catalog poluzhёstkokrylyh ...

10.09.2015 8:48 Peter Khramov, Hemiptera

Yuri, I ordered the number of species to show that, overall, the number ...

Chazaria genus (Noctuidae) and different classifications combining on our site 13.05.2015 10:37 Evgeny Komarov

Our attempt to combine different approaches to classification results in a fair mess on the website. Here's an example: Rod Chazaria - one kind Chazaria incarnata Freyer, 1838. Information on the site is not on ...

13.05.2015 21:03 Evgeny Komarov, Chazaria genus (Noctuidae) and different classifications combining on our site


Papilionidae 27.01.2011 19:30 Dmitriy Pozhogin

We made all kinds in the following childbirth Allancastria, Archon, Baronia, Battus, Bhutanitis, Cressida, Euryades, Hypermnestra, Iphiclides, Lamproptera, Luehdorfia, Parides, Pharmacophagus, Sericinus, Teinopalpus, Trogonoptera (need to move ...

21.01.2015 20:43 Alex Dumchus, Papilionidae

Basil . The network just mess with them there. In Zeryntha only 2 types: ...

Species on common names 01.12.2012 9:14 Viktor Kolesnikov

Hello! I've been here since lately and since I'm not a professional biologist, I find it's rather hard to deal with Latin names of species not completed with common ones, so have to seek for the latter somewhere else. I wonder if this is kind of ...

01.12.2014 16:12 Andrey Kravtsov, Species on common names

-muzhu Wife: 'What are you all foebis yes foebis (Phoebis)! Vaughn have ...

Births Neozephyrus and Chrysozephyrus (Lycaenidae). 14.09.2014 10:49 Evgeny Komarov

I think that finally nuchno for something to come to birth Chrysozephyrus Shirôzu & Yamamoto, 1956 and Neozephyrus Sibatani & Ito, 1942. As of today, we view brillantinus (Staudinger, 1887) is in Neozephyrus and Chrysozephyrus. However in this ...

15.11.2014 8:49 Stan Korb, Births Neozephyrus and Chrysozephyrus (Lycaenidae).

smaragdinus is the type species Chrysozephyrus, it should only be there.

Rhode Ourapteryx 19.09.2014 9:05 Yuri Semejkin

Here, on the site there are 2 different types of Ourapteryx koreana and O. ussuriana But if you look on Google (header called Baikal Nature (krylohvostka Korean). That is the Two ...

19.09.2014 11:37 Peter Khramov, Rhode Ourapteryx

General note: at least some "right" can only be the separation of species, ...

20.08.2014 12:51 Peter Khramov, One thread aware, Perophora sanguinolenta / Cicinnus sanguinolenta are currently in Cicinnus despecta or where?

I'm from there and took this assumption. In general, I need that there ...

System location taxa 15.03.2011 12:23 Svyatoslav Knyazev

As suggestions: I think that the alphabetical order of bringing families and lower taxa is completely unacceptable, since the site claims to be a serious comprehensive resource. It would be necessary to place all right relationship from primitive to ...

15.03.2011 20:28 Peter Khramov, System location taxa

Tellingly, no one bothers to make both choices. If someone is able to do ...

Papilionidae 01.03.2011 14:51 Dmitriy Pozhogin

People! Let's look at childbirth Protesilaus, Eurytides, Protographium (with Neographium together) and Mimoides. How we make them here ??? Or will integrate all-still Protesilaus, Eurytides, Neographium ???

02.03.2011 21:58 Evgeny Komarov, Papilionidae

I agree with the interpretation of Dmitry!

In the course of discussing the status of the genus Protesilaus and beyond. 20.02.2011 18:43 Evgeny Komarov

Start the discussion on the page and type Protesilaus protesilaus since it has grown, it has decided to continue here. And shifting the first post in a single "bunch " for clarity. 20-02-2011 Dmitry Pozhogin: remove this family 02.20.2011, Evgeny ...

21.02.2011 18:24 Peter Khramov, In the course of discussing the status of the genus Protesilaus and beyond.

On funetah, I look, too, is cut ...

Rhode Parides 27.01.2011 19:14 Dmitriy Pozhogin

I have finished the race. Still have questions in the following species-subspecies Parides perrhebus, Parides damocrates, Parides steinbachi, Parides kuhlmani, Parides polyzelus. Who has specific information about it, please write.

27.01.2011 19:14 Dmitriy Pozhogin, Rhode Parides

I have finished the race. Still have questions in the following ...

Classification 08.01.2011 23:47 Dmitriy Pozhogin

For what is the classification system ??? Combining many families in the Nymphalidae quite controversial, and to identify and seek out more convenient for families

09.01.2011 0:45 Peter Khramov, Classification

Dmitri, the basis of the system - the list of O. Karsholt, J. Razowski ...

Eversmannia exornata 25.06.2009 14:39 Ilia Ustiantcev

Where Eversmannia exornata?

25.06.2009 19:47 Peter Khramov, Eversmannia exornata

Ilya, if you mean that it is not in the directory - top right there is a ...

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