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Photo #12666: Papilio polytes


Papilio polytes

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Base gallery. Upperside. Pinned specimen.

Photo: Alex Dumchus. Image redone at the website. Identified by: Dmitriy Pozhogin

Photographer's comment: Papilio alphenor ledebouria

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17.05.2012 15:52, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Alexandr! I unluckily have no Papilio polytes ledebouria female only male so can't compare. You should've seen its females in Thailand, Papilio polytes romulus subspecies [Cramer, 1775]. As the photo was not signed, I identified it as polytes and even now I'm sure of that it's a polytes female. As for the Papilio alphenor, the article is to be looked up.

17.05.2012 15:28, Alex Dumchus

Dmitry, thanks for the elaboration. That's right, it's named at mine a swallowtail from the Philippines. I've got as well a male marked as p.lederouria from the Philippines again (the photo is attached). I happened to meet common P.polytes in Thailand, there are photos on the website that I made with it sitting on elephant biggies.

16.05.2012 22:02, Dmitriy Pozhogin

I'll try to clear the situation. Papilio alphenor Cramer, [1776]; is described as a species,, then it's noted as a subspecies of Papilio polytes alphenor ; Rothschild, 1895,, also there is such a thing like Papilio alphenor ; Vane-Wright & de Jong, 2003, couldn't find the article though, can't say where it was described as a species, but it was done as a subspecies from the Philippines.

Papilio ledebouria Eschscholtz, 1821, is described from the Philippines.
Papilio polytes alphenor ; Rothschild, 1895, the same article, turns into a subspecies of Papilio polytes ledebouria ; Page & Treadaway, 2003.
So. It requires to find the description from Vane-Wright & de Jong, 2003, and to check out what's species based upon. Also to know the exact location of where it was caught (this is a female 100% sure). If females genitalia differ, you need to cut it.

16.05.2012 21:36, Alex Dumchus

Petr, I got it named like this. Go google P.alphenor and you'll see lots of it. I'm not an entomologist but there is such a mess with all these species and subspecies names! Podalirius, for instance, has been counted as of the Papilio genus till the very end (maybe even later) of 80's!

16.05.2012 14:14, Peter Khramov

Ok, moved.

16.05.2012 8:07, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Papilio polytes female.

15.05.2012 22:36, Peter Khramov

What's this species name, Papilio alphenor?

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