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Photo #38113: Saturnia pyri


Saturnia pyri

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Base gallery. Upperside. Alive insect.

Photo, and identified by: Pavel Ivanov. Image without retouching at the website

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2014-08-23 00:00:00, Ростовская область, Октябрьский район, Окрестности хутора Яново-грушевский.

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17.05.2015 10:13, Peter Khramov


16.05.2015 23:30, Igor Sakhno

In general, in Russia today do not forward. Perhaps only a convenient opportunity.

16.05.2015 2:32, Peter Khramov

And what kind of troubles with the shipment? Ukrpost no longer comes to the Russian Federation?

15.05.2015 19:17, Alex Dumchus

Well, yes, it was a long time ago. In the 70's. Stradomsky can confirm if you remember ... we had studied in the same school

15.05.2015 18:43, Igor Sakhno

Yes, send us right now is problematic. Rather, all this nonsense would be dissolved. I can not imagine pyri 20 cm. This is - in the classically straightened form?

15.05.2015 17:22, Alex Dumchus

It's amazing. I visited the males up to 14 cm in scope, and one of the females in childhood to 20 cm. If the Gren, ready to buy to bring up, apple and pear trees enough, although it is probably up to you to hell that you pereshlesh- Well in Ukraine?

15.05.2015 10:05, Igor Sakhno

Alexander I had also thought that all weighty - female. Here are this year hatched ones I 1st age exactly the same feed. The greatest cocoon - 6.5 cm appeared cocoon of luxury male.Females hatched also rather big, but at least a few millimeters, they were smaller than the male, and this was almost the same size of the front wing with other males. And last year, all three females were somehow much smaller than males.

14.05.2015 19:12, Alex Dumchus

Igor, I did not say it exactly, but look at the size. Caterpillars and pupae males Saturn, usually smaller and slimmer. However pokazhet.U time ... I now have a pear doll - I think too female. I go on to compare the photo with a dead doll head

14.05.2015 17:54, Igor Sakhno

And how do you define on a caterpillar, it is the female?

05.01.2015 10:42, Pavel Ivanov

I'll see. Most likely I will display the tracks, if all goes as it should, then you can easily share their wakes. It is still too early to say in May to discuss.

04.01.2015 13:44, Alex Dumchus

If the female, and judging by the caterpillar - it is, try to dissolve. Just hatched it should be closer to 9 - May 15, we have at this time is just years. But males do arrive. I was a child repeatedly deduced pear, only here in the winter, my mother did not give pupae in the fridge to put ... If the Gren - ask, can exchange. All the trees for food - and dwarf, are present.I live in Novocherkassk, somewhere nearby. I wanted and Pavon vyvesti- kind of rare for us (a little raspberry is), but Vasily something with Grenier pulled.

04.01.2015 11:03, Pavel Ivanov

Yes! Now just waiting for a cocoon of beauty in my spring. A rare indeed become the year before last pieces 50 met this year only 2 tracks.

04.01.2015 8:52, Alex Dumchus

The Beauty! Paul, you have not collected cocoons case? For a long time I would like to dissolve, the benefit of apple and pear trees in the courtyard are available. And then, something in our region, it has become rare.

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