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Photo #5028: Thysania agrippina


Thysania agrippina

Base gallery. Lateral/Underside. Alive insect.

Photo: Konstantin Kraevsky. Image redone at the website. Identified by: Dmitriy Pozhogin

Place of shooting/catching: Guyana, the Cuyuni River basin, near Quartzstone stream, at the exploration camp area.

Comments on this image

08.03.2012 14:09, Dmitrii Covalenco This species is identified correctly.

04.02.2011 14:11, Peter Khramov

Moved to agrippina.

04.02.2011 3:48, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Don't worry, your, the biggest one, will wait for your shooting.

04.02.2011 3:46, Konstantin Kraevsky

I checked it up in wikipedia and saw the photo with description...
Meh, I didn't catch it :)
Locals seeing me shooting call me up and show curious as they think butterflies/moths. But they don't notice small ones. And birds which know "insects hot spots" pick all them up in the morning...

03.02.2011 15:12, Peter Khramov

Meh, South America. Meeeeeeeh.

03.02.2011 8:50, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Konstantin, that is well-known

03.02.2011 1:26, Konstantin Kraevsky

This is #5027 underside. Size is about 20-22 cm. A guy who worked there and showed me this butterfly pushed it measuring with a string, it flew away and was hit at once by some bird.

01.02.2011 17:18, Dmitriy Pozhogin


01.02.2011 14:07, Vasiliy Feoktistov

That is the very underside (I was wrong), mishmash.

01.02.2011 14:03, Evgeny Komarov

Why version? Underside is ok!

01.02.2011 13:32, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Looks like one of its versions. See the similar one:

01.02.2011 13:30, Vasiliy Feoktistov This species is identified correctly.

31.01.2011 21:23, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Thysania agrippina (Cramer, 1776).

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