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Photo #52649: Papilio demoleus


Papilio demoleus

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Base gallery. Upperside. Pinned specimen.

Photo, and identified by: Alexander Belousov. Image without retouching at the website

Comments on this image

17.02.2016 16:15, Alexander Belousov

All clear, Peter, thank you. I can komenty clean.

17.02.2016 11:23, Peter Khramov

Why loads more:
1. downloadable photos is often the problem is not that they are loaded in a fine quality, and then on the site uzhali, and the quality was worse. And that originally downloaded the Fautua small but still with a lot of background that can be safely cut with both TZ aesthetics, and with TZ illustrate the type / other taxon.Therefore, the stock may improve the situation.
2. The restriction on the maximum size is gradually changing (increasing). In the case where the source has a larger size can be centralized without impacting authors images foty increase all at once.The problem with not very high quality compression on the site, I think poreshat (and again come in handy if a larger source). After all, no matter what size you are neither Georgia to 320 it will still huddle in ...
Replacement of old phot in LC also check.

16.02.2016 15:59, Alexander Belousov

In regards to the technical snapshots it said - If it is possible to load Larger - it will be even better. So "no better" if Kartika crop the machine for less. What is the meaning of downloads of "large size"? And so I put the size of a HD monitor, which is even less today.A snapshot function replacement needed! Maybe not all, but I periodically retake copies. again with better coverage (made certain device with a circular lamp). Now the color settings are not jumping.

16.02.2016 13:37, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Naturally I do not need to wait (always change immediately).
But little is that people have is: can not ulozhitya at 3 pm ..... So I think it is unnecessary to innovation

16.02.2016 13:00, Peter Khramov

Basil, why wait three hours to replace the photo that iznrachalno loaded as a double? Why is used once is not changed?

16.02.2016 9:27, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I have already raised the issue, which is directly related to my topic of conversation.
Apparently this is due to limitations in the form of innovations in 3 hours on the time change.
Recently I changed immediately after the download - I have everything works .....
Frankly I do not understand why this change is necessary at replace the Rights have not all authors and therefore the probability of bad deeds is practically excluded.

16.02.2016 5:50, Alexander Belousov

Well, as "not working", replace the window is, # [] - but not actively. And so it "does not work." So that should be good to replace all of my last foty. They were all 1000x1000. Well, if the quality is important. And if not, then do not change.

15.02.2016 16:43, Peter Khramov

What does "does not work"? There is no such option in the LC or the option is there, but not plowing?

15.02.2016 5:59, Alexander Belousov

I, too, before he could change, now is not working.

14.02.2016 22:16, Shamil Murtazin

The maximum size of photos on the site - 1280 by 800. If more - to fit the size of this. Naturally, the shakes are not very high quality (in applicable).
By replacing - it's Peter probably will change. I can only replace your photos, other people - in any way ... :)

14.02.2016 13:27, Alexander Belousov

So there Shamil. Kropnul 800 x 800, it has become normal. I generally set to 1000x1000. I do not become a working replacement photo, before me. It is necessary to replace these image photo # 52563.

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