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Cossus cossus Cossus cossus Cossus cossus Ematurga atomaria Euclidia mi Papilio memnon Papilio rumanzovia Papilio rumanzovia Papilio palinurus Papilio palinurus Papilio palinurus Campaea perlata Plebejus optilete Plebejus optilete Acronicta leporina Limenitis arthemis Phyciodes tharos Phyciodes tharos Eurytides marcellus Eurytides marcellus Eurytides marcellus Eurytides marcellus Cupido comyntas Lomographa bimaculata Cabera pusaria Thetidia smaragdaria Coenonympha glycerion Lythria cruentaria Polypogon tentacularia Archiearis parthenias Eurema lisa Epargyreus clarus Carterocephalus palaemon Thetidia smaragdaria Nemophora degeerella Idaea aversata Scopula immutata Scopula limboundata Papilio glaucus Danaus plexippus Danaus plexippus Battus philenor Hyponephele lycaon

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