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Spodoptera litura Pidorus glaucopis Glyphodes bicolor Eurrhyparodes tricoloralis Eucyclodes Dysgonia arcuata Prophantis adusta Amphitorna olga Eilema anticum Banisia myrsusalis Banisia myrsusalis Orvasca subnotata Isocentris filalis Omiodes diemenalis Gangara thyrsis Artena dotata Plecoptera recta Rapala manea Hyposidra talaca Hyposidra talaca Euthrix laeta Nausinoe geometralis Conogethes punctiferalis Cicadinae Cydalima perspectalis Trabala Euchrysops cnejus Heliophorus epicles Heliophorus epicles Jamides celeno Theretra silhetensis Theretra silhetensis Cyana peregrina Epiplema ruptaria Macrobrochis gigas Macrobrochis gigas Coladenia indrani Coladenia indrani Elymnias hypermnestra Lethe europa Problepsis vulgaris Eurema blanda Zizina otis Attacus taprobanis Diaphania indica Eudocima homaena Eupterote Eupterote Metoeca foedalis Omiodes indicata Parasa pastoralis Cyclidia substigmaria Isocentris filalis Parapoynx fluctuosalis Gabala argentata Erebus ephesperis Erebus ephesperis Hamodes propitia Agathia laetata Arichanna transfasciata Micronia aculeata Anticarsia irrorata Pareronia ceylanica Thyas coronata Thyas coronata Eudocima materna Eudocima materna Carterocephalus silvicola Heteropterus morpheus Cacyreus marshalli Favonius quercus Argynnis pandora Callophrys chalybeitincta Amata nigricornis Limenitis reducta Satyrium ilicis Limenitis reducta Libythea celtis Hyphantria cunea Saturnia pyri Lythria purpuraria Aricia agestis Aricia agestis Polyommatus bellargus Polyommatus bellargus Anax parthenope Ematheudes punctella Crambus pascuella Melanargia galathea Melanargia galathea Melanargia galathea Melanargia galathea Libelloides macaronius Synaphe moldavica Autographa gamma Acronicta rumicis Lepidoptera Eucorysses grandis Eucorysses grandis Euclidia glyphica

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