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Photos found: 38, taxons: 21

Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Trichoplusia ni Anthophilopsis lepidalis Lepidoptera Catarhoe permixtaria Hadena magnolii Lepidoptera Dolicharthria punctalis Phalonidia contractana Gnopharmia stevenaria Pyrausta virginalis Lepidoptera Dicycla oo Lepidoptera Trichoplusia ni Pyralis perversalis Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Aphomia sociella Lepidoptera Agrotis desertorum Catarhoe permixtaria Problepsis ocellata Lepidoptera Rhodostrophia sieversi Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Aphelia ferugana Cleonymia opposita Dyspessa salicicola Lepidoptera Hyperlais dulcinalis Lepidoptera Lithostege griseata Minucia bimaculata

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