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Lepidoptera Acanonicus laticornis Acanonicus laticornis Acanonicus laticornis Dioptis onega Euryptidia univitta Euryptidia univitta Trichophassus giganteus Trichophassus giganteus Paradaemonia thelia Paradaemonia thelia Paradaemonia thelia Rhescyntis pseudomartii Rhescyntis pseudomartii Rhescyntis pseudomartii Sutonocrea reducta Sutonocrea reducta Anisodes decussata Viviennea salma Ormetica rosenbergei Emurena luridoides Argyrotome mira Thyrinteina arnobia Anticarsia gemmatalis Symphlebia palmeri Scaptius chrysoperina Lampruna punctata Lampruna punctata Cissura decora Cissura decora Cissura decora Rolepa delineata Rhodographa phaeoplaga Rhodographa phaeoplaga Cisseps fulvicollis Cisseps fulvicollis Cyanopepla jucunda Cyanopepla jucunda Cyanopepla fastuosa Biblis hyperia Aeria olena Aeria olena Myscelia orsis Myscelia orsis Euglyphis marna Chliara cresus Letis magna Phaegoptera depicta Phaegoptera depicta Phaegoptera depicta Trichomoplata cassiope Zelica thalassina Dysgonia expediens Copaxa decrescens Anicla ignicans Anicla ignicans Amaxia hebe Amaxia hebe Aclytia heber Lepidokirbyia vittipes Lepidoptera Pierella nereis Pierella nereis

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