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Photo #75378 (Undetermined species) Photo #75377 (Undetermined species) Olethreutes captiosanus Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Poecilium maaki Prismognathus subaeneus Lepidoptera Pyralis regalis Problepsis phoebearia Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Abraxas Coleoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Circobotys heterogenalis Lomographa bimaculata Mocis annetta Eurois occulta Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Polia goliath Polia goliath Ochlodes venatus Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Miltochrista Pelosia Pterophoridae Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Gnorimus subopacus Pachyerannis obliquaria Omiodes tristrialis Niphonyx segregata Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Pseudoophonus Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Mythimna radiata Mythimna grandis Minois dryas Kirinia epimenides Macroleptura thoracica Glaucorhoe unduliferaria Lepidoptera Deltote bankiana Blepharita amica Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Protaetia brevitarsis Protaetia brevitarsis Colias erate Chionarctia nivea Arichanna melanaria Coenonympha hero Lopinga achine Aphantopus hyperantus Cicadellidae Phragmatobia fuliginosa Abraxas Abraxas Anthophila Orthoptera Chrysolina graminis Euclidia glyphica Cifuna locuples Chrysorithrum flavomaculata Chrysorithrum flavomaculata Acleris aurichalcana Lepidoptera Odonata Odonata Tettigonioidea Lepidoptera Idaea foedata Melapia electaria Acrobasis injunctella Acrobasis injunctella Actias artemis Actias artemis Xestia ditrapezium Trigomphus nigripes Nerice davidi Nerice davidi Omiodes tristrialis Autographa excelsa

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