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Eugnosta lathoniana Melitaea diamina Satyrus actaea Satyrus actaea Cicadetta concinna Agrochola litura Euchromius ocellea Catocala helena Eugnorisma chaldaica Nycteola kuldzhana Jordanita globulariae Caradrina Lepidoptera Agriphila deliella Euchromius ocellea Ethmia candidella Archips xylosteana Eugnorisma miniago Drasteria caucasica Catocala deducta Hyponephele lupinus Apamea monoglypha Hyponephele lycaon Aleimma loeflingiana Brenthis ino Brenthis ino Phengaris nausithous Phengaris nausithous Phengaris teleius Phengaris teleius Pyralidae Paracolax tristalis Polyommatus thersites Polyommatus thersites Glaucopsyche alexis Glaucopsyche alexis Glaucopsyche alexis Glaucopsyche alexis Cyaniris semiargus Cyaniris semiargus Cyaniris semiargus Cyaniris semiargus Paracolax tristalis Idaea straminata Scopula ochraceata Isturgia murinaria Scopula rubiginata Isturgia murinaria Nycterosea obstipata Euxoa distinguenda Hadena variolata Amphipyra tetra Iphiclides podalirius Muschampia cribrellum Pyrgus sidae Pyrgus sidae Hyles euphorbiae Zerynthia polyxena Plutella xylostella Eilicrinia trinotata Niditinea fuscella Pempelia Clepsis pallidana Clepsis pallidana Clepsis pallidana Plebejus maracandicus Plebejus maracandicus Melanargia russiae Melanargia russiae Arethusana arethusa Arethusana arethusa Polyommatus icarus Polyommatus icarus Polyommatus coridon Polyommatus coridon Eumedonia eumedon Eumedonia eumedon Aricia artaxerxes Aricia artaxerxes Cupido minimus Cupido minimus Chazara persephone Chazara persephone Spiris striata Perconia strigillaria Evergestis frumentalis Synaphe antennalis Phengaris arion Phengaris arion Muschampia cribrellum Scopula ochraceata Idaea aureolaria Perconia strigillaria Carcharodus alceae Carcharodus alceae Perconia strigillaria Lygephila lubrica Mythimna deserticola Cucullia umbratica Tholera decimalis

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