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Phragmatobia amurensis Phragmatobia amurensis Araschnia levana Phasma gigas Phasma gigas Chalcosoma atlas Chalcosoma atlas Phyllium jacobsoni Hymenopus coronatus Phyllium jacobsoni Extatosoma tiaratum Extatosoma tiaratum Vanessa indica Vanessa indica Sitochroa verticalis Pieris dulcinea Pieris Aporia crataegi Pieris dulcinea Pieris dulcinea Erebia niphonica Autographa excelsa Pieris Lopinga achine Papilio peranthus Erebia niphonica Erebia niphonica Lepidoptera Carterocephalus silvicola Colias Colias Lopinga achine karafutonis Colias Lethe diana sachalinensis Lopinga achine karafutonis Lethe diana sachalinensis Autographa excelsa Vanessa cardui Araschnia burejana Araschnia levana Spoladea recurvalis Parasemia plantaginis sachalinensis Lopinga achine Araschnia levana Araschnia burejana Araschnia burejana Coenonympha hero Lethe diana sachalinensis Scotopteryx chenopodiata Papilio machaon sachalinensis Vanessa indica Vanessa indica Gandaritis fixseni Lepidoptera Scotopteryx chenopodiata Euploea Ornithoptera priamus priamus Papilio machaon sachalinensis Lepidoptera Ornithoptera priamus priamus Aglais io Archiearis parthenias Archiearis parthenias Lomographa bimaculata Scotopteryx chenopodiata Autographa excelsa Ornithoptera priamus Papilio memnon Papilio memnon Pachliopta aristolochiae Ornithoptera priamus Ornithoptera priamus Lexias pardalis Troides oblongomaculatus Euploea Moduza procris Pachliopta aristolochiae Ornithoptera priamus Polygonia c-album Argynnis paphia Catocala fraxini Catocala fraxini Catocala fraxini Euphydryas ichnea Attacus atlas Spilarctia seriatopunctata Nymphalis antiopa Parasemia plantaginis sachalinensis Tristrophis veneris Papilio machaon sachalinensis Parasemia plantaginis sachalinensis

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