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Nicrophorus nepalensis Nicrophorus nepalensis Aclypea undata Poecilium fasciatum Diamesus osculans Anostirus castaneus Lathrobium Gyrohypnus Ocypus Clivina fossor Cicindela hybrida Cicindela campestris Carabus granulatus granulatus Carabus cancellatus Broscus cephalotes Pterostichus melas Agonum viduum Carabus sibiricus Carabus regalis Carabus granulatus Carabus convexus Scaphidium quadrimaculatum Pterostichus anthracinus Phyllobrotica quadrimaculata Dytiscus marginalis Saperda populnea Oberea oculata Monochamus sutor Danosoma fasciatum Ampedus tristis Agriotes lineatus Agapanthia villosoviridescens Phyllobius maculicornis Notaris aethiops Calosoma inquisitor Harpalus affinis Dorcadion holosericeum Curculionidae Lebia chlorocephala Carabus coriaceus Staphylinus caesareus

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