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Photo #70710 (Undetermined species) Phragmatobia fuliginosa Phragmatobia fuliginosa Phragmatobia fuliginosa Hypomecis roboraria Aedia funesta Aedia funesta Scotopteryx luridata Paracolax tristalis Aglia tau Lasiommata maera Idaea aureolaria Idaea aureolaria Grapholita compositella Eurrhypis pollinalis Adela cuprella Pancalia leuwenhoekella Pancalia leuwenhoekella Cauchas leucocerella Neptis sappho Limenitis camilla Chiasmia clathrata Gillmeria pallidactyla Chrysoteuchia culmella Lythria purpuraria Ematurga atomaria Eurrhypis pollinalis Thyris fenestrella Geina didactyla Parapoynx stratiotata Euxoa nigrofusca Lepidoptera Mythimna albipuncta Hypena rostralis Lymantria dispar Lymantria monacha Catocala sponsa Chamaesphecia astatiformis Synanthedon formicaeformis Sphinx pinastri Sphinx pinastri Sphinx pinastri Eurrhypis pollinalis Anorthoa munda Capua vulgana Catocala puerpera Argynnis niobe Loxostege sticticalis Lygephila pastinum Colias hyale Xanthia ocellaris Falcaria lacertinaria Epirrita autumnata Zerynthia polyxena Zerynthia polyxena Zerynthia polyxena Zerynthia polyxena Melanargia russiae Melanargia russiae Tyria jacobaeae Melitaea didyma Acronicta rumicis Gynaephora selenitica Pontia edusa Lymantria dispar Minois dryas Colias myrmidone Minois dryas Atralata albofascialis Euproctis similis Melitaea didyma Melitaea didyma Macrothylacia rubi Lycaena tityrus Lasiommata maera Ochlodes sylvanus Chlorissa viridata Lycaena virgaureae Pammene aurana Lycaena dispar Lycaena dispar Lycaena dispar Heteropterus morpheus Polypogon tentacularia Amata nigricornis Melitaea athalia Melitaea athalia Nemophora degeerella Agrotis exclamationis Macaria alternata Zygaena osterodensis Argynnis adippe Acontia trabealis Lymantria dispar Orgyia antiquoides Hemaris fuciformis Hemaris fuciformis Colias hyale Spilosoma lubricipeda

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