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Procridinae Rutelinae Cryptocephalus sericeus Macaria liturata Canephora hirsuta Thetidia smaragdaria Lycaena virgaureae Diptera Diptera Pterophoridae Lepidoptera Polygonia c-album Nymphalis antiopa Chalcophora mariana Deilephila elpenor Chrysops relictus Ourapteryx sambucaria Cicindela campestris Dolichosoma lineare Agapanthia villosoviridescens Brachyta interrogationis Jodis putata Thyatira batis Phragmatobia fuliginosa Trichoptera Oxythyrea funesta Plutella xylostella Eulithis pyropata Ptinus fur Ptinus fur Odezia atrata Tenthredinidae Thymelicus Lomographa temerata Vanessa cardui Vanessa atalanta Thymelicus lineola Polyommatus icarus Cupido argiades Polygonia c-album Pieris brassicae Parnassius mnemosyne balcanica Papilio machaon Aglais urticae Aglais io Nymphalis antiopa Araschnia levana Lycaena virgaureae Limenitis populi Gonepteryx rhamni Callophrys rubi Argynnis paphia Aporia crataegi Aphantopus hyperantus Anthocharis cardamines Aphantopus hyperantus Angerona prunaria Lomaspilis marginata Siona lineata Diacrisia sannio Abraxas grossulariata Limenitis camilla Timandra comae Maniola jurtina Abraxas sylvata Zygaena lonicerae Rheumaptera subhastata Chiasmia clathrata Catocala fraxini Lomographa temerata Leptidea Rivula sericealis Colias Catocala fraxini Calyptra thalictri Araschnia levana Anaplectoides prasina Alcis deversata Autographa gamma Geometridae Abraxas grossulariata Siona lineata Aphomia sociella Tetheella fluctuosa Hepialus humuli

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