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Insects photos at gallery

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Cicada orni Cicada orni Myrmeleon formicarius Gymnocnemia variegata Gymnocnemia variegata Phlebotomus papatasi Phlebotomus papatasi Protaetia affinis Macaria liturata Tetrix tenuicornis Staphylinus caesareus Staphylinus caesareus Papilio machaon Papilio machaon Protoschinia scutosa Tettigonia viridissima Tettigonia viridissima Tettigonia viridissima Tettigonia viridissima Tettigonia caudata Gampsocleis glabra Gampsocleis glabra Gampsocleis glabra Metrioptera brachyptera Metrioptera brachyptera Tettigonia caudata Platycleis sabulosa Xya variegata Xya variegata Xya variegata Xya variegata Xya variegata Capnodis tenebricosa Ectobius lapponicus Ectobius lapponicus Ectobius lapponicus Platyrhinus resinosus Platyrhinus resinosus Ligdia adustata Rhagium sycophanta Rhagium sycophanta Pasiphila rectangulata Cicindela soluta Eupsilia transversa Eupsilia transversa Eupsilia transversa Tiliacea aurago Nemophora degeerella Epiphragma ocellare Stictocephala bisonia Stictocephala bisonia Lyristes plebejus Dictyophara europaea Dictyophara europaea Lyristes plebejus Fieberiella florii Fieberiella florii Fieberiella florii Ectobius lapponicus Ectobius lapponicus Cicadetta montana Cicadetta montana Cicadetta montana Cicadetta montana Cicadetta montana Cicadetta montana Cicadetta montana Cicadatra hyalina Cicadatra hyalina Cicadatra hyalina Cicadella viridis Cicadella viridis Orthetrum albistylum Lestes barbarus Aeshna mixta Epitheca bimaculata Epitheca bimaculata Protaetia affinis Protaetia affinis Protaetia marmorata Protaetia marmorata Protaetia speciosissima Protaetia speciosissima Protaetia speciosissima Zanclognatha lunalis Macrothylacia rubi Sympetrum pedemontanum Sympetrum pedemontanum Sympetrum pedemontanum Sympetrum pedemontanum Apoderus coryli Apoderus coryli Harmonia axyridis Harmonia axyridis Harmonia axyridis Pentatoma rufipes Pentatoma rufipes Cylindera arenaria Cylindera arenaria Cylindera arenaria

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