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Saturnia pavonia Furcula bifida Furcula bifida Catocala nupta Xylena vetusta Lemonia dumi Tholera decimalis Timandra comae Sedina buettneri Timandra comae Lepidoptera Dichrorampha simpliciana Agapeta zoegana Aplocera praeformata Mythimna ferrago Agapeta hamana Agriphila straminella Timandra comae Epirrita autumnata Epirrita autumnata Gortyna flavago Conistra vaccinii Ptilophora plumigera Hydraecia micacea Eurois occulta Tholera cespitis Triodia sylvina Pheosia tremula Clostera pigra Lacanobia suasa Eurois occulta Cucullia lucifuga Eurois occulta Tholera decimalis Colocasia coryli Clostera pigra Conisania luteago Argynnis paphia Argynnis paphia Deilephila elpenor Lemonia dumi Xylena vetusta Xestia c-nigrum Xanthia togata Staurophora celsia Scoliopteryx libatrix Poecilocampa populi Poecilocampa populi Lithophane lamda Lithophane consocia Euchalcia modestoides Eriocrania sparrmannella Macdunnoughia confusa Lycia hirtaria Catocala nupta Thyatira batis Deilephila elpenor Papilio machaon Aedia funesta Ascotis selenaria Macrothylacia rubi Pterostoma palpina Pterostoma palpina Cerura vinula Laothoe amurensis Saturnia pavonia Endromis versicolora Cerura vinula Aporia crataegi Smerinthus ocellata Diachrysia stenochrysis Ennomos autumnaria Crambus uliginosellus Macrothylacia rubi Catocala fulminea Smerinthus ocellata Hypomecis punctinalis Macdunnoughia confusa Notodonta tritophus Triodia sylvina Ennomos autumnaria Allophyes oxyacanthae

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