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Teinopalpus aureus Teinopalpus aureus Teinopalpus imperialis Teinopalpus imperialis Dysphania latiplaga Dysphania latiplaga Dysphania contraria Dysphania contraria Charaxes mars Charaxes mars Prothoe australis Prothoe australis Idea tambusisiana Idea tambusisiana Antheraea pauckstadtorum Actias isis Actias groenendaeli Attacus soembanus Attacus crameri Attacus paraliae Attacus suparmani Papilio clytia Papilio clytia Polyura jalysus Polyura jalysus Calinaga sudassana Calinaga sudassana Polyura nepenthes Polyura nepenthes Pareronia valeria Pareronia valeria Danaus chrysippus Tanaecia julii Tanaecia julii Tanaecia julii Tanaecia julii Attacus atlas Attacus atlas Papilio androgeus Papilio androgeus Hyles lineata Eumorpha labruscae Pseudosphinx tetrio Pseudosphinx tetrio Cocytius antaeus Cocytius antaeus Erasmia pulchella Erasmia pulchella Actias rhodopneuma Actias rhodopneuma Angonyx testacea Angonyx testacea Loepa anthera Loepa anthera Eriogyna pyretorum Eriogyna pyretorum Sephisa chandra Sephisa chandra Callambulyx junonia Callambulyx junonia Daphnusa ocellaris Daphnusa ocellaris Eupanacra Eupanacra Amplypterus Amplypterus Faunis eumeus Faunis eumeus Smerinthus szechuanus Smerinthus szechuanus Dahira obliquifascia Dahira obliquifascia Stibochiona nicea Stibochiona nicea Hestina assimilis Hestina assimilis Papilio polytes timorensis Papilio polytes timorensis Papilio polytes Papilio polytes Syntherata innescens Syntherata innescens Neodiphthera arfakiana Neodiphthera arfakiana Leucophlebia lineata Leucophlebia lineata Zeuxidia luxerii Zeuxidia luxerii Papilio ulysses Papilio ulysses Brahmaea Brahmaea Papilio inopinatus Papilio inopinatus Attacus erebus Papilio bootes Papilio bootes Papilio albinus Papilio albinus Papilio toboroi

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