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Pyrausta despicata Camptogramma bilineata Pleuroptya ruralis Catocala fulminea Hipparchia alcyone Hipparchia alcyone Minois dryas Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Issoria lathonia Satyrium pruni Euclidia mi Aporia crataegi Apatura ilia Macaria brunneata Thymelicus sylvestris Lasiommata maera Hypena proboscidalis Aricia agestis Siona lineata Siona lineata Cyaniris semiargus Melitaea phoebe Issoria lathonia Hemaris tityus Melitaea phoebe Melitaea phoebe Issoria lathonia Loxostege sticticalis Lycaena dispar Polyommatus icarus Coenonympha pamphilus Lycaena dispar Melitaea phoebe Scopula floslactata Scotopteryx mucronata Anania hortulata Satyrium pruni Satyrium pruni Boloria selene Sitochroa verticalis Plebejus argus Plebejus argus Plebejus argus Coenonympha pamphilus Siona lineata Lycaena phlaeas Lycaena phlaeas Lycaena phlaeas Lycaena phlaeas Ematurga atomaria Aglia tau Aglia tau Pararge aegeria

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