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Leistus niger Leistus niger Leistus niger Leistus niger Elaphropus latissimus Elaphropus latissimus Diplous depressus Diplous depressus Diplous depressus Cylindera gracilis Cylindera gracilis Cylindera gracilis Carabus canaliculatus Carabus canaliculatus Carabus wulffiusi Carabus wulffiusi Carabus wulffiusi Carabus arcensis Carabus arcensis Anisodactylus signatus Anisodactylus signatus Asaphidion semilucidum Asaphidion semilucidum Asaphidion semilucidum Asaphidion semilucidum Parena perforata Agonum sculptipes Agonum sculptipes Nicrophorus satanas Nicrophorus satanas Chlaenius circumductus Chlaenius circumductus Chlaenius circumductus Chlaenius gebleri Chlaenius gebleri Blemus alexandrovi Blemus alexandrovi Cyrtoclytus capra Cyrtoclytus capra Rondibilis schabliovskyi Prionus insularis Lamiomimus gottschei Lamiomimus gottschei Harmonia axyridis Harmonia axyridis Rodolia concolor Prismognathus subaeneus Prismognathus subaeneus Prismognathus subaeneus Lucanus maculifemoratus Lucanus maculifemoratus Lucanus maculifemoratus Xanthochroa luteipennis Xanthochroa luteipennis Dinothenarus chrysocomus Dinothenarus chrysocomus Velleius dilatatus Oiceoptoma thoracicum Phosphuga atrata Silpha perforata Silpha perforata Nicrophorus concolor Nicrophorus concolor Nicrophorus quadripunctatus Nicrophorus quadripunctatus Nicrophorus quadripunctatus Nicrophorus ussuriensis Nicrophorus ussuriensis Popillia flavosellata Serica polita Serica polita Serica rosinae Mimela testaceipes Mimela testaceipes Mimela holosericea Hilyotrogus bicoloreus Hilyotrogus bicoloreus Hilyotrogus bicoloreus Hoplosternus incanus Hoplosternus incanus Exomala pallidipennis Exomala pallidipennis Anomala mongolica Anomala mongolica Nordstromia grisearia Lophontosia pryeri Geometra sponsaria Comostola subtiliaria Thetidia albocostaria Somatina indicataria Problepsis superans Problepsis superans Idaea muricata Gandaritis fixseni Gandaritis fixseni Gandaritis fixseni Eulithis convergenata Comibaena delicator Callabraxas ludovicaria Callabraxas ludovicaria

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