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Elateropsis lineatus Macrodontia cervicornis Oxymirus cursor Gibbifer costaricensis Erotylina maculiventris Eodorcadion maurum katharinae Eodorcadion maurum katharinae Eodorcadion zichyi Carabus fraterculus Dorcadion unidiscale Trogidae Cotyclytus peruvianus Neoclytus pusillus Elacomia histrionica Adesmus griseus Nicrophorus antennatus Coleoxestia rufosemivittata Chlorophorus muscifluvis Enoplotrupes largeteaui Enoplotrupes bieti Erythrochiton jucundum Stenygra contracta Solangella lachrymosa Orthomegas cinnamomeus Celosterna scabrator Enoplotrupes largeteaui Enoplotrupes bieti Cylindera mandibularis Cylindera lesnei Aegus amictus Hylesia nanus Hylesia nanus Hylesia metabus Hylesia metabus Metallonotus denticollis Imatismus villosus Cicindela clypeata Melittomma brasiliense Cratomorphus discorufus Lampyridae Cyphogenia limbata Heptodonta Therates coracinus Calomera littoralis conjunctaepustulata Cylindera gracilis Cicindelinae Platyesia sericata Platyesia sericata Pisterotarsa gigantea Stenophanes mesostena Pelorocnemis punctata Blaps Tagona macrophthalma Tagona macrophthalma Cyphogenia gibba Prosodes Prosodes Stenomax aeneus Stenomax aeneus Cicindela virgula Lophochorista ockendeni Lophochorista ockendeni Rhuda focula Rhuda focula Adesmia fischeri Adesmia fischeri Amaricampa manana Amaricampa manana Rosema thalassina Rosema thalassina Adeloneivaia kawiana Adeloneivaia kawiana Phiditia lucernaria Phiditia lucernaria Lirimiris pennipenis Lirimiris pennipenis Lirimiris meridionalis Lirimiris meridionalis Nothus lunus Nothus lunus Nothus lunus Nothus lunus Gnorimus subcostatus Gnorimus subopacus Plagionotus pulcher Phymatestes brevicornis Mythimna turca Mythimna turca Mythimna turca Mythimna turca Hypocrita celadon Hypocrita celadon Helicoverpa armigera Helicoverpa armigera Helicoverpa armigera Protaetia fieberi Protaetia fieberi Dermestes lardarius Helicoverpa armigera Callidium violaceum

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