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Brenthis ino Epicallia villica Epicallia villica Epicallia villica Epicallia villica Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Coleoptera Coleoptera Coleoptera Arctia caja Aporia leucodice Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Favonius ultramarinus Psychidae Psychidae Psychidae Bucculatrix ulmella Amphipyra Siona lineata Raphidiidae Raphidiidae Mesopsocidae Decticus verrucivorus Choristoneura hebenstreitella Choristoneura hebenstreitella Choristoneura diversana Choristoneura diversana Archips Archips Notodonta ziczac Furcula Lepidoptera Clostera pigra Noctuidae Noctuidae Trachea atriplicis Trachea atriplicis Trachea atriplicis Scoliopteryx libatrix Scoliopteryx libatrix Naenia typica Naenia typica Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Cucullia lucifuga Enargia paleacea Enargia paleacea Acronicta psi Euproctis similis Euproctis similis Leucoma salicis Leucoma salicis Aethalura punctulata Scopula immorata Scopula immorata Ectropis crepuscularia Earophila badiata Cyclophora albipunctata Cyclophora albipunctata Colotois pennaria Colotois pennaria Biston strataria Biston strataria Biston strataria Biston strataria Biston strataria Biston strataria Archiearis parthenias Archiearis parthenias Aethalura punctulata Geometridae Geometridae Geometridae Geometridae Gelechiidae Endromis versicolora Anthophila fabriciana Anthophila fabriciana Hymenoptera Rhogogaster Nematus Nematus Monardis plana Monardis plana Dolerus Caliroa cerasi Neurotoma nemoralis Neodiprion sertifer Trichiosoma Trichiosoma Aglais io Orgyiini Orgyiini Lepidoptera

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