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Coleoptera Lygistopterus sanguineus Atrophaneura alcinous Denticollis linearis Denticollis linearis Amata caspia Orgyia flavolimbata Orgyia flavolimbata Heteroptera Heteroptera Orthoptera Homoeocerus dilatatus Miridae Macrothylacia rubi Cicadetta montana Cicadetta montana Calliteara pudibunda Conocephalus fuscus Bathysmatophorus shabliovskii Graphosoma Graphosoma Graphosoma Paratlanticus ussuriensis Locusta migratoria Tessellana veyseli Leptophyes albovittata Acridoidea Orthetrum cancellatum Photo #44267 (Undetermined species) Coccinella septempunctata Codophila varia Cassidinae Rivetina nana Lepidoptera Photo #44062 (Undetermined species) Angerona prunaria Papilio machaon Lepidoptera Palomena prasina Ognevia longipennis Dolycoris baccarum Photo #43861 (Undetermined species) Macrothylacia rubi Lygaeidae Lygus pratensis Coccinella septempunctata Coccinella septempunctata Hippodamia tredecimpunctata Harmonia axyridis Lymantria dispar Apanteles Troilus luridus Reduvius personatus Reduvius personatus Reduvius personatus Smerinthus ocellata Photo #43483 (Undetermined species) Anacridium aegyptium Anacridium aegyptium Sciocoris Sciocoris Rhaphidophoroidea Orthezia urticae Photo #43373 (Undetermined species) Pentatomini Pentatomidae Coreus marginatus Coreus marginatus Scymnus Chrysopidae Culicidae Cetoniinae Cetoniinae Anthocoridae Parasa sinica Parasa sinica Parasa consocia Parasa consocia Parasa sinica Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Pieris brassicae Lacanobia oleracea Lepidoptera Cucullia pustulata Cucullia pustulata Cucullia artemisiae Cucullia artemisiae Cucullia artemisiae Orgyia antiqua Orgyia antiqua Orgyia antiqua Orgyia antiqua Orgyia antiqua Orgyia antiqua Orgyia antiqua Orgyia antiqua Orgyia antiqua

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