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Tingis ampliata Tingis ampliata Blasticorhinus rivulosa Podismopsis genicularibus Podismopsis genicularibus Podismopsis genicularibus Gomphocerus kudia Gomphocerus kudia Stictoleptura variicornis Anostirus boeberi Chrysomela populi Chrysomela populi Stictoleptura rubra Evodinus borealis Monochamus urussovi Monochamus urussovi Photo #79149 (Undetermined species) Hypsopedes kurentzovi Hypsopedes kurentzovi Hypsopedes kurentzovi Hypsopedes kurentzovi Exomala pallidipennis Photo #79143 (Undetermined species) Polyommatus damone Polyommatus damone Megascolia maculata Megascolia maculata Megascolia maculata Megascolia maculata Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Distoleon tetragrammicus Distoleon tetragrammicus Polyommatus damocles Polyommatus damocles Lepidoptera Kolibacia squamulata Kolibacia squamulata Kolibacia squamulata Clytra arida Orthezia urticae Orthezia urticae Tephritis okera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Chrysopa intima Photo #79116 (Undetermined species) Lampides boeticus Lampides boeticus Cicadetta pellosoma Cicadetta pellosoma Cicadetta pellosoma Cicadetta pellosoma Syringilla humerosa Syringilla humerosa Syringilla humerosa Syringilla humerosa Capsodes gothicus Phyllobius claviger Adosomus granulosus Euphyia cineraria Lycaena dispar Lycaena dispar Rhaphuma gracilipes Rhaphuma gracilipes Thanatophilus rugosus Chlaenius posticalis Chlaenius posticalis Thanatophilus dispar Leucoma salicis Melitaea athalia Callidium violaceum Paederus riparius Oupyrrhidium cinnaberinum Nicrophorus maculifrons Rusticoclytus adspersus Rusticoclytus adspersus Ptilodon ladislai Ptilodon ladislai Ptilodon ladislai Polyommatus ripartii Zygaena carniolica Zygaena carniolica Zygaena carniolica Idaea politaria Photo #79076 (Undetermined species) Elachista pullicomella Elachista pullicomella Cryptocercus relictus Cryptocercus relictus Cryptocercus relictus Lycaenidae Cyaniris semiargus Argynnis pandora Micronia aculeata Cotachena pubescens Atrocalopteryx atrata Chlorophanus sibiricus

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