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Rhyothemis variegata Dysgonia joviana Eurois occulta Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Hulodes caranea Tajuria cippus Euchromia polymena Harpalus rufipes Harpalus rufipes Harpalus rufipes Harpalus rufipes Harpalus rufipes Vespula germanica Vespula germanica Vespula germanica Vespula germanica Mocis frugalis Eudocima hypermnestra Battus chalceus Eilema lutarella Pterostichus niger Pterostichus niger Pterostichus niger Pterostichus niger Pterostichus niger Neochera dominia Ercheia cyllaria Tenebrionidae Mogoplistidae Epidares nolimetangere Epidares nolimetangere Eumolpinae Rhyparochromidae Psocodea Trigonidiidae Trigonidiidae Orthoptera Flatidae Tettigoniidae Colobathristidae Phasmida Cixiidae Blaberidae Lepidoptera Gerridae Heteropterygidae Phasmida Rhaphidophora Falconius planitarsis Nasutitermitinae Tettigoniidae Phasmida Orthoptera Podoscirtidae Blattodea Machilidae Phasmatidae Oecophylla smaragdina Ectobiidae Orthoptera Orthoptera Psychodidae Elateridae Dysdercus Alleculinae Bembecinus Bembecinus Sciapodinae Cosmolestes picticeps Orthetrum testaceum Mutillidae Sericini Acrididae Acrididae Polyrhachis Orthoptera Acrididae Agrionoptera insignis Lepidoptera Papilio delalandei Papilio delalandei Ornithospila succincta Cryptorhynchini Edosa Lepidoptera Ornithospila succincta Lagriinae Blattodea Epidares nolimetangere Epidares nolimetangere Ornebius Psocodea Psocodea Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Podoscirtidae Podoscirtidae Lepidoptera Fulgoroidea

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