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Photedes extrema Papestra biren Phoebophilus amoenus Phoebophilus amoenus Phoebophilus amoenus Phoebophilus amoenus Panchrysia aurea Panchrysia aurea Mythimna impura Mythimna conigera Mniotype leucocyma Lygephila ludicra Lophoterges centralasiae Lophoterges centralasiae Litoligia literosa Lasionycta orientalis Lasionycta orientalis Lacanobia suasa Hecatera bicolorata Hadjina beata Hadena sogdiana Hadena sogdiana Hadena sogdiana Hadena karagaia Hadena karagaia Hadena karagaia Hadena confusa Hadena confusa Hadena albimacula Hadena albimacula Euxoa hilaris Eurois occulta Eugnorisma trigonica Euchalcia herrichi Euchalcia herrichi Euchalcia herrichi Eublemma rosea Eublemma rosea Garella musculana Garella musculana Drasteria obscurata Drasteria saisani Drasteria flexuosa Dysmilichia bicyclica Nymphalis antiopa Vanessa atalanta Dichagyris juldussi Paradrymadusa galitzini Paradrymadusa galitzini Dichagyris disturbans Cryphia algae Cryphia algae Cosmia subtilis Cosmia subtilis Cosmia subtilis Cosmia subtilis Aeshna cyanea Cosmia ledereri Chersotis vicina Cicindela sachalinensis Muscomorpha Muscomorpha Syrphidae Syrphidae Syrphidae Tabanidae Tabanidae Tabanidae Chrysotoxum Chrysotoxum Muscomorpha Elateridae Elateridae Aglais urticae Aglais urticae Poecilus cupreus Poecilus cupreus Poecilus cupreus Broscus cephalotes Broscus cephalotes Broscus cephalotes Elateridae Elateridae Elateridae Elateridae Prosopocoilus occipitalis Aegus chelifer Epeoloides coecutiens Epeoloides coecutiens Epeoloides coecutiens Epeoloides coecutiens Chersotis transiens Catocala neonympha Caradrina morpheus Bryopolia tenuicornis Bryopolia tenuicornis Cryphia vilis Cryphia ruckbeili Bryophila felina Auchmis detersina

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