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Insects photos at gallery, page 568

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Papilio polytes Papilio memnon Hypolimnas bolina Ochlodes sylvanus Troides rhadamantus Gonepteryx rhamni Aglais urticae Plebejus idas Vanessa cardui Lasiommata petropolitana Parthenos sylvia Papilio demoleus Papilio palinurus Pericallia matronula Lymantria dispar Lepidoptera Eurois occulta Eurois occulta Celypha striana Scopula nigropunctata Papilio machaon Minois dryas Pontia edusa Euphydryas maturna Synanthedon bicingulata Apatura ilia Apatura ilia Catocala nupta Catocala nupta Catocala fraxini Catocala fraxini Catocala fraxini Ostrinia palustralis Ostrinia palustralis Orgyia antiqua Orgyia antiqua Thecla betulae Thecla betulae Hypsopygia fulvocilialis Hypsopygia fulvocilialis Noctua fimbriata Lacanobia suasa Hecatera cappa Hecatera cappa Hestina assimilis Hestina assimilis Sasakia charonda Yponomeuta evonymella Chiasmia clathrata Ectropis crepuscularia Hypsopygia iwamotoi Anticypella diffusaria Anticypella diffusaria Parnassius apollo Zygaena lonicerae Araschnia levana Celastrina argiolus Catocala nupta Papilio machaon Erebia ligea Pontia edusa Apatura iris Callimorpha dominula Deilephila elpenor Agriphila straminella Gonepteryx rhamni Aglais io Gonepteryx rhamni Orgyia antiqua Zygaena viciae Colias myrmidone Cerura erminea Rhagades pruni Xanthorhoe quadrifasiata Anticypella diffusaria Hypomecis roboraria Cifuna locuples Minois dryas Atralata albofascialis Pericallia matronula Pygaera timon Clostera anachoreta Cerura erminea Smerinthus caecus Apatura ilia Pieris brassicae Vanessa cardui Vanessa cardui Vanessa cardui Orgyia antiqua Orgyia antiqua Pterophorus pentadactyla Apatura ilia Apatura ilia Apatura ilia Apatura ilia Lycaena dispar Boloria eunomia Gonepteryx rhamni Papilio machaon

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