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Genus Macaria

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Ennominae tribe Macariini → genus Macaria (Curtis, 1826)


Daughter taxa

Macaria adonis Barnes & McDunnough, 1918 [species]

Macaria aemulataria Walker, 1861 [species]

Macaria aequiferaria Walker, 1861 [species]

Macaria albapicaria Holland, 1900 [species]

Macaria alternata (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775) [species]

Macaria angulata (Warren, 1897) [species]

Macaria artesiaria (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775) [species]

Macaria bicolorata (Fabricius, 1798) [species]

Macaria bifilaria Hampson, 1904 [species]

Macaria bisignata Walker, 1866 [species]

Macaria brunneata (Thunberg, 1784) [species]

M. b. brunneata, M. b. coreame, M. b. sordida

Macaria carbonaria (Clerck, 1759) [species]

Macaria carpo (Druce, 1893) [species]

Macaria circumflexaria (Eversmann, 1848) [species]

Macaria continuaria (Eversmann, 1852) [species]

Macaria crocearia Hulst, 1887 [species]

Macaria distribuaria (Hübner, 1825) [species]

Macaria fissinotata (Walker, [1863]) [species]

Macaria fusca (Thunberg, 1792) [species]

Macaria fuscaria (Leech, 1891) [species]

Macaria granitata Guenée, 1857 [species]

Macaria halituaria (Guenee, [1858]) [species]

M. h. halituaria, M. h. occidentalis

Macaria ichnusae (Govi & Fiumi, 2005) [species]

Macaria infimata Guenée, 1857 [species]

Macaria juglandata Ferguson, 2008 [species]

Macaria liturata (Clerck, 1759) [species]

M. l. liturata, M. l. pressaria

Macaria loricaria (Eversmann, 1837) [species]

Macaria marmorata (Ferguson, 1972) [species]

Macaria masquerata Ferguson, 2008 [species]

Macaria minorata Packard, 1873 [species]

Macaria multilineata Packard, 1873 [species]

Macaria notata (Linnaeus, 1758) [species]

M. n. appalachiana, M. n. appalachiata, M. n. kirina, M. n. kirina, M. n. notata

Macaria ochrifascia (Warren, 1897) [species]

Macaria oweni (Swett, 1907) [species]

Macaria particolor Hulst, 1898 [species]

Macaria pinistrobata (Ferguson, 1972) [species]

Macaria ponderosae Ferguson, 2008 [species]

Macaria promiscuata (Ferguson, 1974) [species]

Macaria sanfordi (Rindge, 1958) [species]

Macaria sexmaculata Packard, [1867] [species]

M. s. incolorata, M. s. sexmaculata

Macaria shanghaisaria Walker, 1861 [species]

Macaria signaria (Hubner, 1809) [species]

Macaria solisata Ferguson, 2008 [species]

Macaria submarmorata (Walker, 1861) [species]

Macaria transitaria Walker, 1861 [species]

M. t. resinosae, M. t. transitaria

Macaria unipunctaria (Wright, 1916) [species]

Macaria wauaria (Linnaeus, 1758) [species]

M. w. africana, M. w. chinensis, M. w. koreaebia, M. w. wauaria


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