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Tribe Orphnini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Orphninae → tribe Orphnini Erichson, 1847

Daughter taxa

Genera: 11 (0 illustrated). Species.

Goniorphnus Arrow, 1911 [genus]

Goniorphnus felschei

Hybaloides Quedenfeldt, 1884 [genus]

Hybaloides foveolatus

Orphnus MacLeay, 1819 [genus]

Orphnus acuticornis, Orphnus amplitarsis, Orphnus angolensis, Orphnus asperatus, Orphnus audeoudi, Orphnus babaulti, Orphnus bicolor, Orphnus bifidus, Orphnus bilobus, Orphnus brunneus, Orphnus camerunensis, Orphnus capensis, Orphnus chappuisi, Orphnus clavipes, Orphnus compactilis, Orphnus compactus, Orphnus compressicornis, Orphnus congolanus, Orphnus convexus, Orphnus coprodoides, Orphnus costatus, Orphnus crassus, Orphnus cribratellus, Orphnus declivis, Orphnus dewittei, Orphnus drumonti, Orphnus ellenbergeri, Orphnus fossatus, Orphnus foveolatus, Orphnus galla, Orphnus giganteus, Orphnus gilleti, Orphnus grossepunctatus, Orphnus guineensis, Orphnus harrisoni, Orphnus herero, Orphnus heteronychoides, Orphnus imitator, Orphnus impressus, Orphnus jeanneli, Orphnus kafuensis, Orphnus leleupi, Orphnus letestui, Orphnus livingstonei, Orphnus luluanus, Orphnus luminosus, Orphnus macleayi, Orphnus mandibularis, Orphnus massarti, Orphnus mombasaensis, Orphnus mpese, Orphnus mysoriensis, Orphnus niger, Orphnus nyassicus, Orphnus obsoletus, Orphnus orbus, Orphnus oryctoides, Orphnus ovampoanus, Orphnus overlaeti, Orphnus parentalis, Orphnus parvus, Orphnus pauliani, Orphnus peringueyi, Orphnus pici, Orphnus picinus, Orphnus planicollis, Orphnus plebejus, Orphnus posthi, Orphnus pugnax, Orphnus quadrigibbosus, Orphnus rufithorax, Orphnus rufulus, Orphnus rufus, Orphnus sansibaricus, Orphnus schoutedeni, Orphnus senegalensis, Orphnus similis, Orphnus simonii, Orphnus sinuaticeps, Orphnus sinuatus, Orphnus strangulatus, Orphnus striatoides, Orphnus striatopunctatus, Orphnus striatus, Orphnus subcornutus, Orphnus subfoveatus, Orphnus subfurcatus, Orphnus sudanicus, Orphnus tchadensis, Orphnus testaceus, Orphnus thoracicus, Orphnus tinantae, Orphnus tristis, Orphnus usambaricus, Orphnus viduae, Orphnus zumpti

Renorphnus Frolov & Montreuil, 2009 [genus]

Renorphnus clementi

Stenosternus Karsch, 1881 [genus]

Stenosternus costatus


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