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Genus Pingasa

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Geometrinae tribe Pseudoterpnini → genus Pingasa (Moore, 1887)


Daughter taxa

Pingasa abyssinaria Guenée 1857 [species]

P. a. rufata

Pingasa aigneri Prout 1930 [species]

Pingasa alba Swinhoe, 1891 [species]

P. a. albida, P. a. brunnescens

Pingasa angulifera Warren, 1896 [species]

Pingasa aravensis Prout 1916 [species]

Pingasa atropa Prout 1935 [species]

Pingasa blanda (Pagenstecher, 1900) [species]

Pingasa chlora (Stoll, [1782]) [species]

P. c. candidaria, P. c. crenaria, P. c. javensis, P. c. lombokensis, P. c. subdentata, P. c. sublimbata

Pingasa chloroides Galsworthy 1998 [species]

Pingasa cinerea Warren, 1894 [species]

Pingasa commutata Walker [species]

Pingasa cornivalva Wiltshire 1982 [species]

Pingasa decristata Warren 1902 [species]

Pingasa dispensata Walker 1860 [species]

P. d. celata

Pingasa distensaria Walker 1860 [species]

P. d. delotypa

Pingasa elutriata Prout 1916 [species]

Pingasa floridensis Prout 1920 [species]

Pingasa grandidieri Butler 1879 [species]

Pingasa griveaudi Herbulot 1966 [species]

Pingasa herbuloti Viette 1971 [species]

Pingasa hypoleucaria Guenée 1862 [species]

P. h. rhodozona

Pingasa hypoxantha Prout 1916 [species]

P. h. holochroa

Pingasa javensis Warren, 1894 [species]

Pingasa lahayei (Oberthur, 1887) [species]

P. l. austrina, P. l. multispurcata

Pingasa lariaria (Walker, 1860) [species]

Pingasa manilensis Prout 1916 [species]

Pingasa meeki Warren 1907 [species]

Pingasa multispurcata Prout, 1913 [species]

Pingasa nobilis Prout, 1913 [species]

P. n. furvifrons

Pingasa pallidata Joannis 1912 [species]

Pingasa pauciflavata Prout 1927 [species]

Pingasa porphyrochrostes Prout 1922 [species]

Pingasa pseudoterpinaria Guenée 1858 [species]

P. p. gracilis, P. p. tephrosiaria

Pingasa rhadamaria Guenée 1857 [species]

P. r. alterata, P. r. attenuans, P. r. signifrontaria

Pingasa rubicunda Warren, 1894 [species]

Pingasa rubimontana Holloway & Sommerer, 1984 [species]

Pingasa rufofasciata Moore 1888 [species]

Pingasa ruginaria (Guenée, 1857) [species]

P. r. communicans, P. r. commutata, P. r. interrupta

Pingasa secreta Inoue 1986 [species]

Pingasa subpurpurea Warren, 1897 [species]

Pingasa subviridis Warren, 1896 [species]

Pingasa tapungkanana (Strand, 1910) [species]

Pingasa ultrata Herbulot 1966 [species]

Pingasa venusta Warren, 1894 [species]


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