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Genus Perizoma

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Larentiinae tribe Perizomini → genus Perizoma (Hubner, 1825)


Daughter taxa

Perizoma ablata (Hulst, 1896) [species]

Perizoma actuata (Pearsall, 1909) [species]

Perizoma affinis Moore 1888 [species]

Perizoma affinitata (Stephens, 1831) [species]

P. a. magistraria, P. a. rivinata

Perizoma affinitatum (Stephens, 1831) [species]

Perizoma alaskae (Hulst, 1896) [species]

Perizoma albidivisa Warren 1893 [species]

Perizoma albofasciata Moore 1888 [species]

Perizoma albulata (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775) [species]

Perizoma albulatum (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775) [species]

Perizoma alchemillata (Linnaeus, 1758) [species]

P. a. peterseni

Perizoma amblyodes Fletcher 1961 [species]

Perizoma amplata Warren 1904 [species]

Perizoma anguliferata Maassen 1890 [species]

Perizoma antisticta Prout 1938 [species]

P. a. leucatma, P. a. methemon

Perizoma apiceflava Prout 1910 [species]

Perizoma apicesignata Dognin 1913 [species]

Perizoma apicistrigata Warren 1893 [species]

Perizoma arcillata Dognin 1893 [species]

Perizoma argentipuncta Inoue 1982 [species]

Perizoma aspersa Dognin 1904 [species]

Perizoma aurantaria Jones 1921 [species]

Perizoma aureoviridis Warren 1904 [species]

Perizoma baptopennis Dyar 1916 [species]

Perizoma barrassoi (Zahm, Cieslak & Hausmann 2005) [species]

Perizoma basaliata Walker, 1862 [species]

Perizoma basiplaga Schaus 1901 [species]

Perizoma bicolor Warren 1893 [species]

Perizoma bifaciata (Haworth, 1809) [species]

P. b. bifaciata, P. b. scitularia

Perizoma bifaciatum (Haworth, 1809) [species]

Perizoma blandiata (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775) [species]

P. b. blandiata, P. b. perfasciata

Perizoma blandiatum (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775) [species]

Perizoma bogotata Walker 1862 [species]

Perizoma brunneopicta Dognin 1913 [species]

Perizoma caeruleofascia Inoue 1982 [species]

Perizoma caeruleosecta Prout 1916 [species]

Perizoma candidaria Costantini 1922 [species]

Perizoma carnata Packard 1874 [species]

Perizoma carnepicta Warren 1905 [species]

Perizoma carnetincta Dognin 1911 [species]

Perizoma cerva Hampson 1902 [species]

Perizoma cesa Kemal and Koçak, 2004 [species]

Perizoma cinereolimitata Thierry-Mieg 1892 [species]

Perizoma coeruleopicta Warren 1908 [species]

Perizoma complicata Dognin 1911 [species]

Perizoma conjuncta Warren 1893 [species]

Perizoma constellata Dognin 1913 [species]

Perizoma constricta Warren 1901 [species]

Perizoma contrastaria Sterneck 1931 [species]

Perizoma contrita (Prout, 1914) [species]

Perizoma contritum (Prout, 1914) [species]

Perizoma costata Wileman 1911 [species]

Perizoma costiguttata (Hulst, 1896) [species]

Perizoma costinotaria Leech 1897 [species]

Perizoma cretinotata Bastelberger 1907 [species]

Perizoma curvilinea (Hulst, 1896) [species]

P. c. foxi

Perizoma custodiata (Guenée, 1857) [species]

Perizoma cyrtozona Prout 1922 [species]

Perizoma decorata Moore 1888 [species]

Perizoma diltilla (Dyar, 1913) [species]

Perizoma discors Warren 1901 [species]

Perizoma ecbolobathra Prout [species]

Perizoma emmelesiata Snellen 1874 [species]

Perizoma epictata Barnes & McDunnough, 1916 [species]

Perizoma eudoxia Prout 1934 [species]

Perizoma exempta Djakonov 1935 [species]

Perizoma exhausta Prout 1914 [species]

Perizoma fallax Warren 1905 [species]

Perizoma fasciaria Leech 1897 [species]

Perizoma fasciata Warren 1893 [species]

Perizoma fatuaria Leech 1897 [species]

Perizoma fennica Reuter 1893 [species]

Perizoma flavofasciata (Thunberg, 1792) [species]

P. f. romieuxi

Perizoma flavofasciatum (Thunberg, 1792) [species]

Perizoma flavosparsata (Wagner, 1926) [species]

P. f. flavosparsata, P. f. uniformata

Perizoma flexuosaria Boheman 1853 [species]

Perizoma fractifascia Dognin 1911 [species]

Perizoma fractifasciaria Leech 1897 [species]

Perizoma fulvida Butler 1881 [species]

Perizoma fulvidum (Butler, 1881) [species]

Perizoma fulvimacula Hampson 1896 [species]

P. f. liberata, P. f. promiscuaria

Perizoma fumosum Inoue 1982 [species]

Perizoma gigas Wiltshire 1976 [species]

Perizoma grandis (Hulst, 1896) [species]

Perizoma haasi (Hedemann, 1881) [species]

Perizoma herbicolata Hulst 1896 [species]

Perizoma herrichiata Snellen 1874 [species]

Perizoma hydrata (Treitschke, 1829) [species]

P. h. fasciata

Perizoma iduna Prout 1910 [species]

Perizoma illepida (Inoue, 1955) [species]

Perizoma illepidum Inoue, 1955 [species]

Perizoma illimitata Prout 1922 [species]

Perizoma impromissata Walker 1862 [species]

Perizoma inconspicuaria Leech 1897 [species]

Perizoma incultaria (Herrich-Schaffer, 1848) [species]

Perizoma interlauta Warren 1907 [species]

Perizoma interrupta (Grossbeck, 1910) [species]

Perizoma japonica Inoue 1955 [species]

Perizoma juracolaria (Wehrli, 1919) [species]

Perizoma lacernigera Butler 1889 [species]

Perizoma lacteiguttata Warren 1893 [species]

Perizoma lineola Bastelberger 1911 [species]

Perizoma lucifrons Prout 1926 [species]

Perizoma lugdunaria (Herrich-Schaffer, 1855) [species]

Perizoma lugdunarium (Herrich-Schäffer, 1855) [species]

Perizoma maculata Moore 1888 [species]

Perizoma maerens Staudinger 1892 [species]

Perizoma mediangularis Prout 1914 [species]

Perizoma minimata Staudinger 1897 [species]

Perizoma minimatum (Staudinger, 1897) [species]

Perizoma minorata (Treitschke, 1828) [species]

P. m. albida, P. m. corcularia, P. m. ericetata, P. m. minorata, P. m. norvegica, P. m. ochroleucaria

Perizoma minoratum (Treitschke, 1828) [species]

Perizoma minuta Butler 1889 [species]

P. m. latifasciata

Perizoma mirifica Warren 1904 [species]

Perizoma mixticolor Dognin 1913 [species]

Perizoma mollis Dognin 1913 [species]

Perizoma molybda Fletcher 1961 [species]

Perizoma mordax Prout 1939 [species]

Perizoma nigrostipata Dognin 1913 [species]

Perizoma obscurata Bastelberger 1909 [species]

Perizoma obsoletata Herrich-Schäffer, 1838 [species]

Perizoma obtusa Warren 1907 [species]

Perizoma ochreata (Grossbeck, 1910) [species]

Perizoma ochreotincta Wileman 1915 [species]

Perizoma olivacea Warren 1893 [species]

Perizoma orbata Püngeler 1909 [species]

Perizoma osculata Hulst 1896 [species]

Perizoma oxygramma (Hulst, 1896) [species]

Perizoma parahydrata (Alberti, 1969) [species]

Perizoma parvaria Leech 1891 [species]

Perizoma parvarium (Leech, 1891) [species]

Perizoma pastoralis Butler 1882 [species]

Perizoma pecata Dognin 1893 [species]

Perizoma perryi Rindge 1973 [species]

Perizoma persectata Maassen 1890 [species]

Perizoma phidola Prout 1938 [species]

Perizoma plumbeata Moore 1888 [species]

Perizoma plumbinotata Warren 1904 [species]

Perizoma poliosama Rebel 1948 [species]

Perizoma polygrammata Hulst 1896 [species]

Perizoma pravata Dognin 1900 [species]

Perizoma promptata Püngeler 1909 [species]

Perizoma prouti Schawerda 1933 [species]

Perizoma puerilis Prout 1926 [species]

Perizoma quadriplaga Dognin 1911 [species]

Perizoma rantaizanensis Wileman 1915 [species]

Perizoma rectifasciata Hampson 1902 [species]

Perizoma reisseri Schawerda, 1932 [species]

Perizoma renitens Prout 1910 [species]

Perizoma rhombifascia Warren 1905 [species]

Perizoma rostrinotata Dognin 1913 [species]

Perizoma sagittatum (Fabricius, 1787) [species]

P. s. albiflua, P. s. sagittatum

Perizoma saxeum (Wileman, 1911) [species]

Perizoma saxicola Tikhonov, 1994 [species]

Perizoma schistacea Moore 1888 [species]

Perizoma seriata Moore 1888 [species]

Perizoma seriatum (Moore, ?1898) [species]

Perizoma simulata Wileman 1911 [species]

Perizoma sordescens Dognin 1908 [species]

Perizoma spilophylla Prout 1934 [species]

Perizoma strictifascia Warren 1907 [species]

Perizoma subviridis Hampson 1902 [species]

Perizoma taeniata Stephens, 1831 [species]

P. t. obsoletum, P. t. saxea, P. t. taeniatum

Perizoma taiwana Wileman 1911 [species]

Perizoma tenuifascia Warren 1896 [species]

Perizoma tenuisecta Prout 1934 [species]

Perizoma triplagiata Warren 1896 [species]

Perizoma vacillans Warren 1905 [species]

Perizoma variabilis Warren 1893 [species]

P. v. condignata

Perizoma variaria Leech 1897 [species]

Perizoma venisticta Dognin 1912 [species]

Perizoma versatilis Dognin 1911 [species]

Perizoma vinculata Staudinger 1896 [species]

Perizoma vireonaria Maassen 1890 [species]

Perizoma virescentaria Maassen 1890 [species]

Perizoma viridiplana Bastelberger 1911 [species]

Perizoma zenobia Thierry-Mieg 1893 [species]


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