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Tribe Lasiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Aculeata superfamily Vespoidea family Formicidae subfamily Formicinae → tribe Lasiini Ashmead, 1905


Daughter taxa

Genera: 9 (1 illustrated). Subgenera: 5 (0 illustrated). Species.

Lasius Fabricius, 1804 [genus]

Acanthomyops, Austrolasius, Cautolasius, Chthonolasius, Dendrolasius,
Lasius affinis, Lasius alienoflavus, Lasius alienus, Lasius anthracinus, Lasius arizonicus, Lasius atopus, Lasius austriacus, Lasius balcanicus, Lasius balearicus, Lasius bicornis, Lasius breviscapus, Lasius brunneus, Lasius buccatus, Lasius bureni, Lasius californicus, Lasius capitatus, Lasius carniolicus, Lasius chambonensis, Lasius cinereus, Lasius citrinus, Lasius claviger, Lasius colei, Lasius coloradensis, Lasius coloratus, Lasius creightoni, Lasius crinitus, Lasius crispus, Lasius crypticus, Lasius distinguendus, Lasius draco, Lasius elevatus, Lasius emarginatus, Lasius epicentrus, Lasius escamole, Lasius exulans, Lasius fallax, Lasius flavescens, Lasius flavoniger, Lasius flavus, Lasius fuji, Lasius fuliginosus, Lasius gebaueri, Lasius globularis, Lasius glom, Lasius grandis, Lasius hayashi, Lasius hikosanus, Lasius himalayanus, Lasius hirsutus, Lasius humilis, Lasius illyricus, Lasius inflatus, Lasius interjectus, Lasius japonicus, Lasius jensi, Lasius karpinisi, Lasius koreanus, Lasius lasioides, Lasius latipes, Lasius lawarai, Lasius longaevus, Lasius longiceps, Lasius longicirrus, Lasius longipennis, Lasius magnus, Lasius mellea, Lasius meridionalis, Lasius mexicanus, Lasius mikir, Lasius minutus, Lasius mixtus, Lasius monticola, Lasius mordicus, Lasius morisitai, Lasius murphyi, Lasius myops, Lasius myrmidon, Lasius nearcticus, Lasius neglectus, Lasius nemorivagus, Lasius neoniger, Lasius nevadensis, Lasius niger, Lasius nigrescens, Lasius nipponensis, Lasius nitidigaster, Lasius oblongus, Lasius obscuratus, Lasius occidentalis, Lasius occultatus, Lasius ophthalmicus, Lasius orientalis, Lasius pallitarsis, Lasius paralienus, Lasius peritulus, Lasius piliferus, Lasius platythorax, Lasius plumopilosus, Lasius pogonogynus, Lasius productus, Lasius przewalskii, Lasius psammophilus, Lasius pubescens, Lasius pumilus, Lasius punctulatus, Lasius rabaudi, Lasius reginae, Lasius rubiginosa, Lasius ruficornis, Lasius sabularum, Lasius sakagamii, Lasius schaeferi, Lasius schiefferdeckeri, Lasius schulzi, Lasius sitiens, Lasius sonobei, Lasius spathepus, Lasius speculiventris, Lasius subglaber, Lasius subumbratus, Lasius talpa, Lasius tebessae, Lasius tertiarius, Lasius truncatus, Lasius turcicus, Lasius umbratus, Lasius uzbeki, Lasius validus, Lasius vestitus, Lasius vetulus, Lasius viehmeyeri, Lasius wittmeri, Lasius xerophilus,
L. L. emarginatobrunneus, L. L. longiceps, L. L. parschlugianus, L. L. pinetorum

Teratomyrmex McAreavey, 1957 [genus]

Teratomyrmex greavesi

Lasiini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Lasiini sp. (large size).

Lasiini sp.


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