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Genus Hylesia

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Bombycoidea family Saturniidae subfamily Hemileucinae tribe Hemileucini → genus Hylesia Hübner, 1820


Daughter taxa

Hylesia acuta Druce, 1886 [species]

Hylesia aeneides Druce, 1897 [species]

Hylesia anchises Lemaire 1988 [species]

Hylesia andensis Lemaire, 1988 [species]

Hylesia andrei Dognin, 1923 [species]

Hylesia angulex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia annulata Schaus 1911 [species]

Hylesia approximans Walker, 1855 [species]

Hylesia ascodex Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia athlia Dyar, 1913 [species]

Hylesia beneluzi Lemaire 1988 [species]

Hylesia bertrandi Lemaire 1982 [species]

Hylesia biolleya Schaus 1927 [species]

Hylesia bolivex Dognin 1922 [species]

Hylesia bouvereti Dognin, 1889 [species]

Hylesia canitia (Cramer, [1780]) [species]

Hylesia caripitox Orfila 1952 [species]

Hylesia caucanex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia cedomnibus Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia chirex Schaus 1921 [species]

Hylesia coarya Schaus 1932 [species]

Hylesia coex [species]

H. c. rex

Hylesia coinopus Dyar, 1913 [species]

Hylesia colimaifex Dyar, 1926 [species]

Hylesia colimatifex Dyar 1926 [species]

Hylesia colombex Dognin 1923 [species]

Hylesia composita Dognin 1912 [species]

Hylesia continua (Walker, 1865) [species]

H. c. alinda, H. c. colombiana, H. c. continua

Hylesia corevia Schaus 1900 [species]

Hylesia cottica Schaus 1932 [species]

Hylesia cressida Dyar, 1913 [species]

Hylesia croex Schaus 1921 [species]

Hylesia dalifex Dognin 1916 [species]

Hylesia dalina Schaus, 1911 [species]

Hylesia darlingi Dyar, 1914 [species]

H. d. guayanensis, H. d. tendex

Hylesia derica Schaus 1940 [species]

Hylesia discifex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia discutex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia dognini Bouvier 1930 [species]

Hylesia dyarex Schaus 1921 [species]

Hylesia ebalus Cramer 1775 [species]

Hylesia egrex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia erebus Bouvier 1930 [species]

Hylesia ernestonis Strand 1920 [species]

Hylesia euphemia Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia falcifera (Hübner, [1825]) [species]

Hylesia frigida Schaus, 1911 [species]

Hylesia fulviventris Berg 1883 [species]

Hylesia funebris Conte 1906 [species]

Hylesia gamelioides Michener, 1952 [species]

Hylesia gigantex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia gracilex Dognin, 1923 [species]

Hylesia gyrex Dyar, 1913 [species]

Hylesia hamata Schaus 1911 [species]

Hylesia haxairei Lemaire 1988 [species]

Hylesia hubbelli Lemaire, 1982 [species]

Hylesia humilis Dognin 1923 [species]

Hylesia huyana Schaus 1932 [species]

Hylesia ileana Schaus, 1932 [species]

Hylesia index Dyar, 1913 [species]

Hylesia indiviosa Dyar 1915 [species]

Hylesia indurata Dyar 1912 [species]

Hylesia inficita Walker 1865 [species]

Hylesia invidiosa Dyar, 1914 [species]

Hylesia iola Dyar, 1913 [species]

Hylesia lamis Cramer 1780 [species]

Hylesia latex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia lebedoides Bouvier 1930 [species]

Hylesia leilex Dyar, 1913 [species]

Hylesia lilacina Dognin 1912 [species]

Hylesia lilacinex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia lilex Dognin, 1923 [species]

Hylesia lineata (Druce, 1886) [species]

Hylesia liturex Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia livex Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia lolamex Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia macellex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia margarita Dognin 1901 [species]

Hylesia maurex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia medifex Dognin 1916 [species]

Hylesia melanostigma (Herrich-Schäffer, [1855]) [species]

H. m. propex

Hylesia metabus Cramer 1776 [species]

Hylesia metapyrrha Walker 1855 [species]

Hylesia minasia Schaus 1921 [species]

Hylesia mixtiplex Dognin 1916 [species]

Hylesia molpex Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia moronensis Lemaire 1976 [species]

Hylesia mortifex Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia multiplex Schaus 1907 [species]

Hylesia munonia Schaus 1927 [species]

Hylesia murex Dyar, 1913 [species]

Hylesia muscula Vuillot 1893 [species]

Hylesia mymex Dyar, 1913 [species]

Hylesia mystica Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia nanus (Walker, 1855) [species]

Hylesia natex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia nigricans Berg [species]

Hylesia nigridorsata Dognin 1912 [species]

Hylesia nigripes Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia novex Dognin 1922 [species]

Hylesia obsoleta Cramer 1780 [species]

Hylesia obtusa Dognin 1923 [species]

Hylesia ochrifex Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia olivenca Schaus, 1927 [species]

Hylesia omeva Dyar 1916 [species]

Hylesia orbana Schaus 1932 [species]

Hylesia orbifex Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia oroyex Dognin 1922 [species]

H. o. amazonica

Hylesia pachobex Dognin 1920 [species]

Hylesia palcazua Schaus 1927 [species]

Hylesia pallidex Dognin 1923 [species]

Hylesia paulex Dognin 1922 [species]

Hylesia pauper Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia penai Lemaire 1988 [species]

Hylesia peruvex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia petena Schaus 1927 [species]

Hylesia pluto Dognin 1922 [species]

Hylesia polyploca Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia praeda Dognin, 1901 [species]

Hylesia purpurex Bouvier 1930 [species]

Hylesia remex Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia rex Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia rosacea Schaus 1911 [species]

Hylesia roseata Dognin 1914 [species]

Hylesia rosex Bouvier 1930 [species]

Hylesia rubrifrons Schaus, 1911 [species]

H. r. muzoensis

Hylesia rubriprocta Bouvier 1930 [species]

Hylesia rufex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia rufipes Schaus 1911 [species]

Hylesia santaelenensis Lemaire 1988 [species]

Hylesia scalex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia schausi Dyar, 1913 [species]

Hylesia schussleri Strand 1934 [species]

Hylesia scortina Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia sesostris Vuillot. 1893 [species]

Hylesia sorana Schaus 1927 [species]

Hylesia subaurea Schaus, 1900 [species]

Hylesia subcana Walker 1855 [species]

Hylesia subfasciata Dognin, 1916 [species]

Hylesia tapabex Dyar [species]

Hylesia tapareba Kirby [species]

Hylesia teratex Draudt, 1929 [species]

Hylesia terranea Schaus 1906 [species]

Hylesia terrosex Dognin 1916 [species]

Hylesia thaumex Draudt 1929 [species]

H. t. teratex

Hylesia tinturex Schaus, 1921 [species]

Hylesia tiphys Dognin 1916 [species]

Hylesia travassosi Lemaire 1988 [species]

Hylesia tristis Bouvier 1929 [species]

Hylesia umbrata Schaus, 1911 [species]

Hylesia umbratula Dyar, 1927 [species]

Hylesia vagans Walker 1855 [species]

Hylesia valvex Dyar, 1913 [species]

Hylesia vassali Lemaire 1988 [species]

Hylesia vespex Dognin 1923 [species]

Hylesia vialactea Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia vindex Dyar 1913 [species]

Hylesia violacea Bouvier 1930 [species]

Hylesia violex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia vittex Draudt 1929 [species]

Hylesia wagneri Bouvier 1923 [species]

Hylesia zonex Draudt 1929 [species]


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