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Subfamily Cosmopteriginae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Cosmopterigidae → subfamily Cosmopteriginae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 16 (4 illustrated). Species.

Amneris Riedl, 1993 [genus]

Amneris flexiloquella

Ashibusa Matsumura, 1931 [genus]

Ashibusa jezoensis

Cosmopterix (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Cosmopterix abdita, Cosmopterix abnormalis, Cosmopterix aculeata, Cosmopterix albicaudis, Cosmopterix anadoxa, Cosmopterix ancalodes, Cosmopterix ancistraea, Cosmopterix angustipennella, Cosmopterix antemidora, Cosmopterix antichorda, Cosmopterix aphranassa, Cosmopterix apiculata, Cosmopterix argentitegulella, Cosmopterix artifica, Cosmopterix asiatica, Cosmopterix asignella, Cosmopterix astrapias, Cosmopterix asymmetrella, Cosmopterix athesiae, Cosmopterix attenuatella, Cosmopterix aurella, Cosmopterix bacata, Cosmopterix bactrophora, Cosmopterix bambusae, Cosmopterix basilisca, Cosmopterix belonacma, Cosmopterix bendidia, Cosmopterix brachyclina, Cosmopterix callinympha, Cosmopterix calliochra, Cosmopterix calypso, Cosmopterix chalcelata, Cosmopterix chalybaeella, Cosmopterix chasanica, Cosmopterix chisosensis, Cosmopterix chlorochalca, Cosmopterix chrysobela, Cosmopterix chrysocrates, Cosmopterix circe, Cosmopterix clandestinella, Cosmopterix clemensella, Cosmopterix cleophanes, Cosmopterix cognita, Cosmopterix coryphaea, Cosmopterix crassicervicella, Cosmopterix cuprea, Cosmopterix cyclopaea, Cosmopterix dacryodes, Cosmopterix dammosa, Cosmopterix damnosa, Cosmopterix dapifera, Cosmopterix delicatella, Cosmopterix diaphora, Cosmopterix dicacula, Cosmopterix diplozona, Cosmopterix dulcivora, Cosmopterix ebriola, Cosmopterix emmolybda, Cosmopterix epismaragda, Cosmopterix epizona, Cosmopterix erasmia, Cosmopterix erethista, Cosmopterix ermolaevi, Cosmopterix exiguella, Cosmopterix facunda, Cosmopterix feminella, Cosmopterix fernaldella, Cosmopterix flavipes, Cosmopterix flavofasciata, Cosmopterix floridanella, Cosmopterix fulminella, Cosmopterix geminella, Cosmopterix gemmiferella, Cosmopterix glaucogramma, Cosmopterix gloriosa, Cosmopterix gracilens, Cosmopterix gracilis, Cosmopterix hamifera, Cosmopterix heliactis, Cosmopterix hermsiella, Cosmopterix hieraspis, Cosmopterix holophracta, Cosmopterix inaugurata, Cosmopterix infundibulella, Cosmopterix ingeniosa, Cosmopterix inopis, Cosmopterix interfracta, Cosmopterix iphigona, Cosmopterix irrubricata, Cosmopterix isoteles, Cosmopterix isotoma, Cosmopterix issikiella, Cosmopterix kurokoi, Cosmopterix labathiella, Cosmopterix laetifica, Cosmopterix laetificoides, Cosmopterix lautissimella, Cosmopterix lespedezae, Cosmopterix licnura, Cosmopterix lienigiella, Cosmopterix ligyrodes, Cosmopterix macroglossa, Cosmopterix macrula, Cosmopterix magophila, Cosmopterix manipularis, Cosmopterix maritimella, Cosmopterix megophila, Cosmopterix melanarches, Cosmopterix minutella, Cosmopterix molybdina, Cosmopterix montisella, Cosmopterix mystica, Cosmopterix neodesma, Cosmopterix nitens, Cosmopterix nyctiphanes, Cosmopterix ochleria, Cosmopterix omelkoi, Cosmopterix opulenta, Cosmopterix orichalcea, Cosmopterix oxyglossa, Cosmopterix pallifasciella, Cosmopterix paltophanes, Cosmopterix panopla, Cosmopterix pararufella, Cosmopterix parietariae, Cosmopterix pentachorda, Cosmopterix phaeogastra, Cosmopterix phaesphora, Cosmopterix phengitella, Cosmopterix phragmitidis, Cosmopterix phyladelphella, Cosmopterix phyllostachysea, Cosmopterix plesiasta, Cosmopterix pulcherimella, Cosmopterix pulcherrimella, Cosmopterix pulchrimella, Cosmopterix pustulatella, Cosmopterix pyrozela, Cosmopterix quadrilineella, Cosmopterix rhabdophanes, Cosmopterix rhynchognathosella, Cosmopterix rufella, Cosmopterix salahinella, Cosmopterix sancti-vincentii, Cosmopterix sapporensis, Cosmopterix scaligera, Cosmopterix schmidiella, Cosmopterix scirpicola, Cosmopterix scribaiella, Cosmopterix scripicola, Cosmopterix semnota, Cosmopterix setariella, Cosmopterix sibirica, Cosmopterix similis, Cosmopterix sinelinea, Cosmopterix singularis, Cosmopterix spiculata, Cosmopterix splendens, Cosmopterix sublaetifica, Cosmopterix subsplendens, Cosmopterix tabellaria, Cosmopterix teligera, Cosmopterix tenax, Cosmopterix tetragramma, Cosmopterix tetrophthalma, Cosmopterix thrasyzela, Cosmopterix toraula, Cosmopterix transcissa, Cosmopterix trilopha, Cosmopterix turbidella, Cosmopterix venefica, Cosmopterix vexillaris, Cosmopterix victor, Cosmopterix violenta, Cosmopterix xanthura, Cosmopterix xuthogastra, Cosmopterix zathea, Cosmopterix zenobia, Cosmopterix zieglerella

Diversivalva Sinev, 1991 [genus]

Diversivalva minutella

Labdia Walker, 1864 [genus]

Labdia acmostacta, Labdia acroplecta, Labdia aeolochorda, Labdia albilineella, Labdia albimaculella, Labdia allotriopa, Labdia amphipterna, Labdia ancylosema, Labdia apenthes, Labdia aphanogramma, Labdia aprepes, Labdia arachnitis, Labdia aresta, Labdia argyrophracta, Labdia arimaspia, Labdia auchmerodes, Labdia bathrosema, Labdia bicolorella, Labdia bitabulata, Labdia bryomima, Labdia calida, Labdia callibrocha, Labdia calthula, Labdia calypta, Labdia capnobaphes, Labdia caraunia, Labdia catapneusta, Labdia caudata, Labdia caulota, Labdia cedrinopa, Labdia ceriocosma, Labdia chalcoplecta, Labdia chryselectra, Labdia chrysosoma, Labdia citracma, Labdia citroglypta, Labdia clodiana, Labdia clopaea, Labdia clytemnestra, Labdia compar, Labdia cosmangela, Labdia cremasta, Labdia crococarpa, Labdia crocotypa, Labdia cyanocoma, Labdia cyanodora, Labdia cyanogramma, Labdia deianira, Labdia deliciosella, Labdia dicarpa, Labdia dicyanitis, Labdia dimidiella, Labdia diophanes, Labdia dolomella, Labdia echioglossa, Labdia ejaculata, Labdia emphanopa, Labdia erebopleura, Labdia eugrapta, Labdia fasciella, Labdia fletcherella, Labdia gastroptila, Labdia glaucoxantha, Labdia gypsodelta, Labdia halticopa, Labdia hastifera, Labdia helena, Labdia hexaspila, Labdia hierarcha, Labdia holopetra, Labdia incompta, Labdia inodes, Labdia internexa, Labdia intuens, Labdia iolampra, Labdia ioxantha, Labdia irigramma, Labdia irimetalla, Labdia iriphaea, Labdia ischnotypa, Labdia isomerista, Labdia issikii, Labdia lampropeda, Labdia leptonoma, Labdia leucatella, Labdia leucombra, Labdia leuconota, Labdia leucoxantha, Labdia liolitha, Labdia macrobela, Labdia microchalca, Labdia microdictyas, Labdia microglena, Labdia mitrophora, Labdia molybdaula, Labdia niphocera, Labdia niphostephes, Labdia niphoxantha, Labdia notochorda, Labdia nutrix, Labdia ochrostephana, Labdia ochrotypa, Labdia orthoschema, Labdia orthritis, Labdia oxycharis, Labdia oxychlora, Labdia oxyleuca, Labdia pammeces, Labdia pantophyrta, Labdia paropis, Labdia pentachrysis, Labdia petroxesta, Labdia phaeocala, Labdia philocarpa, Labdia picrochalca, Labdia pileata, Labdia planetopa, Labdia promacha, Labdia properans, Labdia psarodes, Labdia ptilodelta, Labdia pyrrhota, Labdia rationalis, Labdia redimita, Labdia rhadinopis, Labdia rhectaula, Labdia rhoecosticha, Labdia saliens, Labdia saponacea, Labdia sarcodryas, Labdia sarcogypsa, Labdia scenodoxa, Labdia schismatias, Labdia selenopsis, Labdia semicoccinea, Labdia semiramis, Labdia semnolitha, Labdia sirenia, Labdia sophista, Labdia sphenoclina, Labdia spirocosma, Labdia stagmatophorella, Labdia stibogramma, Labdia symbolias, Labdia tentoria, Labdia terenopa, Labdia torodoxa, Labdia tribrachynta, Labdia trichaeola, Labdia triploa, Labdia tripola, Labdia tristoecha, Labdia trivincta, Labdia xylinaula, Labdia zonobela

Pyroderces (Herrich-Schaffer, 1853) [genus]

Pyroderces aellotricha, Pyroderces amphisaris, Pyroderces anaclastis, Pyroderces anarithma, Pyroderces anoista, Pyroderces anthinopa, Pyroderces apparitella, Pyroderces argobalana, Pyroderces argyrogrammos, Pyroderces argyrostrepta, Pyroderces argyrozona, Pyroderces bicincta, Pyroderces brosi, Pyroderces caesaris, Pyroderces calefacta, Pyroderces carpophila, Pyroderces cecidicida, Pyroderces centropecta, Pyroderces centrophanes, Pyroderces cervinella, Pyroderces chalcoptila, Pyroderces charisia, Pyroderces coridophaga, Pyroderces dactyliota, Pyroderces deamatella, Pyroderces diplecta, Pyroderces embrochota, Pyroderces eumelaena, Pyroderces eupogon, Pyroderces euryspora, Pyroderces exagria, Pyroderces firma, Pyroderces gymnocentra, Pyroderces haemodryas, Pyroderces hapalodes, Pyroderces hemipelta, Pyroderces hemizopha, Pyroderces holotherma, Pyroderces irrigua, Pyroderces jonesella, Pyroderces klimeschi, Pyroderces leptarga, Pyroderces longalitella, Pyroderces lunulifera, Pyroderces melanosarca, Pyroderces mesoptila, Pyroderces mythologica, Pyroderces nephelopyrrha, Pyroderces nesophora, Pyroderces ocreella, Pyroderces orientella, Pyroderces orphnographa, Pyroderces oxyptila, Pyroderces oxysema, Pyroderces palmicola, Pyroderces paroditis, Pyroderces phaeostigma, Pyroderces philogeorga, Pyroderces pogonias, Pyroderces ptilodelta, Pyroderces pyrrhodes, Pyroderces repandatella, Pyroderces resoluta, Pyroderces rhizonympha, Pyroderces rileyi, Pyroderces risbeci, Pyroderces sarcogypsa, Pyroderces sesamivora, Pyroderces sphenosema, Pyroderces strangalota, Pyroderces symbolias, Pyroderces syngalactis, Pyroderces tenuilinea, Pyroderces terminella, Pyroderces tersectella, Pyroderces tethysella, Pyroderces tetradesma, Pyroderces thalamaula, Pyroderces thermophila, Pyroderces urantha, Pyroderces wolschrijni

Ressia Sinev, 1988 [genus]

Ressia quercidentella

Cosmopteriginae photos with superspecies identification

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Cosmopteriginae sp.


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