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Subfamily Ethmiinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Elachistidae → subfamily Ethmiinae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 3 (1 illustrated). Species.

Ethmia (Hubner, 1819) [genus]

Ethmia afghana, Ethmia alba, Ethmia albicostella, Ethmia albifrontella, Ethmia albistrigella, Ethmia albitogata, Ethmia amasina, Ethmia andalusica, Ethmia angarensis, Ethmia anthracopis, Ethmia apicipunctella, Ethmia arctostaphylella, Ethmia asbolarcha, Ethmia assamensis, Ethmia aurifluella, Ethmia autoschista, Ethmia bipunctella, Ethmia bittenella, Ethmia bombina, Ethmia brevistriga, Ethmia burnsella, Ethmia caliginosella, Ethmia candidella, Ethmia caradjae, Ethmia charybdis, Ethmia chrysopyga, Ethmia chrysopygella, Ethmia cirrhocnemia, Ethmia clytodoxa, Ethmia comitella, Ethmia confusella, Ethmia coquillettella, Ethmia crocosoma, Ethmia debendella, Ethmia dehiscens, Ethmia delliella, Ethmia dentata, Ethmia discostrigella, Ethmia discrepitella, Ethmia distigmatella, Ethmia ditreta, Ethmia dodecea, Ethmia epileuca, Ethmia eptirocha, Ethmia ermineella, Ethmia eupostica, Ethmia farrella, Ethmia flavianella, Ethmia fumidella, Ethmia geranella, Ethmia haemorrhoidella, Ethmia hagenella, Ethmia heliomela, Ethmia hemadelpha, Ethmia heptasema, Ethmia hodgesella, Ethmia humilis, Ethmia infelix, Ethmia interposita, Ethmia iranella, Ethmia japonica, Ethmia julia, Ethmia lapidella, Ethmia lassenella, Ethmia lecmima, Ethmia lepidella, Ethmia lineatonotella, Ethmia longimaculella, Ethmia lugubris, Ethmia lybiella, Ethmia macelhosiella, Ethmia macneilli, Ethmia maculata, Ethmia maculifera, Ethmia maracandica, Ethmia mariannae, Ethmia marmorea, Ethmia mimihagenella, Ethmia minuta, Ethmia mirusella, Ethmia monachella, Ethmia mongolica, Ethmia monticola, Ethmia nadia, Ethmia namangana, Ethmia nigrimaculata, Ethmia nigripedella, Ethmia nigroapicella, Ethmia notatella, Ethmia octanoma, Ethmia orestella, Ethmia pagiopa, Ethmia palawana, Ethmia penyagolosella, Ethmia plagiobothrae, Ethmia postica, Ethmia powelli, Ethmia praeclara, Ethmia prattiella, Ethmia pseudoscythrella, Ethmia pseustis, Ethmia pusiella, Ethmia pyrausta, Ethmia quadrillella, Ethmia quadrinotella, Ethmia quadripunctella, Ethmia rothschildi, Ethmia scylla, Ethmia semilugens, Ethmia semiombra, Ethmia semitenebrella, Ethmia septempunctata, Ethmia sibirica, Ethmia similis, Ethmia soljanikovi, Ethmia sphaerosticha, Ethmia sphenisca, Ethmia sporadica, Ethmia subsidiaris, Ethmia suspecta, Ethmia tamaridella, Ethmia terminella, Ethmia thoraea, Ethmia timberlakei, Ethmia treitschkeella, Ethmia tricula, Ethmia trifurcella, Ethmia tripunctella, Ethmia ubsensis, Ethmia ultima, Ethmia umbricostella, Ethmia umbrimarginella, Ethmia vidua, Ethmia virilisca, Ethmia vittalbella, Ethmia wursteri, Ethmia xanthopleura, Ethmia zaguljaevi, Ethmia zelleriella, Ethmia zygospila

Pseudethmia Clarke, 1950 [genus]

Pseudethmia protuberans

Ethmiinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Ethmiinae sp. (large size).

Ethmiinae sp.


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