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Genus Piletocera

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Crambidae subfamily Spilomelinae → genus Piletocera Lederer, 1863


Daughter taxa

Piletocera aegimiusalis Walker 1859 [species]

Piletocera aequalis Walker 1865 [species]

Piletocera agathanalis Schaus 1924 [species]

Piletocera albescens Rebel 1915 [species]

Piletocera albicinctata Hampson, 1897 [species]

Piletocera albilunata Warren 1896 [species]

Piletocera albimixtalis Hampson, 1917 [species]

Piletocera albipictalis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera albiventralis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera analytodes Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera argopis Meyrick 1886 [species]

Piletocera atratalis Rothschild 1916 [species]

Piletocera aurantiimaculalis Rothschild 1916 [species]

Piletocera batjianalis Strand 1920 [species]

Piletocera bisignalis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera bistrigalis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera bufalis Guenée 1854 [species]

Piletocera chloronota Meyrick 1889 [species]

Piletocera chlorura (Meyrick, 1887) [species]

Piletocera chrysorycta Meyrick 1884 [species]

Piletocera conchylia Meyrick 1894 [species]

Piletocera concisalis Walker [species]

Piletocera confinalis Caradja 1927 [species]

Piletocera costifascialis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera costipunctata Warren 1896 [species]

Piletocera cumulalis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera cuprescens Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera cyclospila Meyrick 1886 [species]

Piletocera dactyloptila Meyrick 1886 [species]

Piletocera denticostalis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera discalis Hampson 1903 [species]

Piletocera discisignalis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera elongalis Warren 1896 [species]

Piletocera enneaspila Meyrick 1933 [species]

Piletocera epipercialis Hampson, 1897 [species]

Piletocera erebina Butler 1886 [species]

Piletocera flavalis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera flavicorpus Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera flavidiscalis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera flexiguttalis Warren 1896 [species]

Piletocera fluctualis Fabricius 1787 [species]

P. f. isola

Piletocera fulvalis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera hadesialis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera hemiphaealis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera holophaealis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera illectalis Walker [species]

Piletocera inconspicua Schaus 1912 [species]

Piletocera inconspicualis Kenrick 1907 [species]

Piletocera infernalis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera latalis Walker 1865 [species]

Piletocera leucocephalis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera leucogastralis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera luteosignata Park 1990 [species]

Piletocera lycopusalis Walker 1859 [species]

Piletocera macroperalis Hampson, 1897 [species]

Piletocera maculifrons Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera meekii (Lucas, 1894) [species]

Piletocera megaspilalis Hampson, 1897 [species]

Piletocera melanauges Meyrick 1886 [species]

Piletocera melesalis Walker 1859 [species]

Piletocera mesophaealis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera metochrealis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera micralis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera microcentra Meyrick 1886 [species]

Piletocera microdontalis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera nasonia Meyrick 1933 [species]

Piletocera nigrescens Butler 1886 [species]

Piletocera nudicornis Hampson, 1897 [species]

Piletocera ocelligera Meyrick 1932 [species]

Piletocera ochrosema Meyrick 1886 [species]

Piletocera octosemalis Hampson 1896 [species]

Piletocera opacalis Rebel 1926 [species]

Piletocera orientalis Snellen 1880 [species]

Piletocera penicillalis (Christoph, 1881) [species]

Piletocera phaeocraspedalis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera plumbicostalis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera pumilialis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera purpureofusa Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera ranalis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera rechingeri Tams 1935 [species]

Piletocera reducta Walker 1865 [species]

Piletocera reunionalis Viette 1957 [species]

Piletocera rhopalophora Meyrick 1934 [species]

Piletocera rotundalis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera ruficeps Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera rufulalis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera scotochroa Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera simplicialis Barnes and McDunnough 1913 [species]

Piletocera sodalis (Leech, 1889) [species]

Piletocera steffanyi Tams 1935 [species]

Piletocera stenipteralis Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera stygialis Hampson 1907 [species]

Piletocera tellesalis Walker 1859 [species]

Piletocera tenebrosalis Rothschild 1916 [species]

Piletocera torsicostalis Hampson, 1897 [species]

Piletocera ulophanes Meyrick 1886 [species]

Piletocera viola (Butler, 1882) [species]

Piletocera violalis Lederer, 1863 [species]

Piletocera violascens Hampson 1917 [species]

Piletocera wollastoni Rothschild 1916 [species]

Piletocera xanthosoma Meyrick 1886 [species]

Piletocera zebinalis Walker 1859 [species]


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