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Genus Euzophera

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Pyralidae subfamily Phycitinae tribe Phycitini → genus Euzophera (Zeller, 1867)


Daughter taxa

Euzophera albicostalis (Hampson, 1903) [species]

Euzophera albipunctella Ragonot, 1887 [species]

Euzophera alpherakyella (Ragonot, 1887) [species]

Euzophera anapalpis Strand 1914 [species]

Euzophera atuntsealis Roesler 1973 [species]

Euzophera bigella (Zeller, 1848) [species]

Euzophera cinerosella (Zeller, 1839) [species]

E. c. politella

Euzophera climosa Dyar, 1914 [species]

Euzophera cocciphaga Hampson 1908 [species]

Euzophera comeella Roesler, 1973 [species]

Euzophera conquassata Roesler 1970 [species]

Euzophera conquistador Dyar, 1914 [species]

Euzophera cornutella Roesler 1965 [species]

Euzophera costivittella (Ragonot, 1887) [species]

Euzophera crassignatha Balinsky 1994 [species]

Euzophera crinita Balinsky 1994 [species]

Euzophera daedalella Ragonot 1888 [species]

Euzophera derbendicola Roesler 1973 [species]

Euzophera eburnella Amsel 1954 [species]

Euzophera egeriella Millière 1869 [species]

Euzophera empistocles Roesler 1969 [species]

Euzophera eroica Roesler 1980 [species]

Euzophera eureka Roesler 1970 [species]

Euzophera fibigerella Asselbergs [species]

Euzophera flagella Lederer 1869 [species]

Euzophera flavicosta Turner, 1947 [species]

Euzophera formosella (Rebel, 1910) [species]

Euzophera fractilineella Roesler 1969 [species]

Euzophera fuliginosella (Heinemann, 1865) [species]

Euzophera fumatella Yamanaka 1993 [species]

Euzophera gais Dyar 1919 [species]

Euzophera gobiella Roesler 1970 [species]

Euzophera gypsatella Caradja 1916 [species]

Euzophera habrella Neunzig 1990 [species]

Euzophera hemileuca Joannis 1927 [species]

Euzophera hudeibella Roesler 1973 [species]

Euzophera imperfectella Ragonot, 1895 [species]

Euzophera intextella Zeller 1848 [species]

Euzophera kabulella Roesler 1973 [species]

Euzophera lactiflora Meyrick 1937 [species]

Euzophera longipennella Druce 1896 [species]

Euzophera luculentella Ragonot, 1888 [species]

Euzophera lunulella (O. Costa, 1836) [species]

E. l. formosella, E. l. trigeminata

Euzophera mabes Dyar, 1914 [species]

Euzophera magnolialis Capps, 1964 [species]

Euzophera mentaweinsis Roesler & Kuppers 1981 [species]

Euzophera merangirensis Roesler & Kuppers 1981 [species]

Euzophera mienshani Caradja 1939 [species]

Euzophera minima Balinsky 1994 [species]

Euzophera neomeniella Ragonot 1888 [species]

Euzophera nessebarella (Soffner, 1962) [species]

Euzophera nigricantella Ragonot, 1887 [species]

Euzophera nigrolinea Roesler & Kuppers 1981 [species]

Euzophera osseatella (Treitschke, 1832) [species]

Euzophera ostricolorella Hulst, 1890 [species]

Euzophera paghmanicola (Roesler, 1973) [species]

Euzophera perticella Ragonot 1888 [species]

Euzophera pinguis (Haworth, 1811) [species]

E. p. concolorella

Euzophera postflavida Dyar 1923 [species]

Euzophera prionacra Diakonoff 1941 [species]

Euzophera pulchella (Ragonot, 1887) [species]

Euzophera putera Roesler & Kuppers 1981 [species]

Euzophera rinmea Dyar, 1914 [species]

Euzophera rubricetella (Herrich-Schaffer, 1855) [species]

Euzophera sagax Meyrick 1935 [species]

Euzophera scabrella Ragonot 1888 [species]

Euzophera semifuneralis (Walker, 1863) [species]

Euzophera sharmotana Rougeot 1977 [species]

Euzophera sogai Roesler 1981 [species]

Euzophera sordidella Chrétien 1911 [species]

Euzophera speculum Joannis 1927 [species]

Euzophera subarcuella Meyrick 1879 [species]

Euzophera subcribrella (Ragonot, 1887) [species]

Euzophera subnitidella Ragonot, 1887 [species]

Euzophera termivelata Balinsky 1994 [species]

Euzophera tetragramma (Rebel, 1910) [species]

Euzophera tintilla Dyar, 1914 [species]

Euzophera turdella Roesler 1973 [species]

Euzophera ultimella Roesler 1973 [species]

Euzophera umbrosella (Staudinger, 1879) [species]

Euzophera verrucicola Hampson 1896 [species]

Euzophera villora Felder & Rogenhofer 1874 [species]

Euzophera vinnulella Neunzig 1990 [species]

Euzophera watanabei Roesler & Inoue 1980 [species]


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