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Genus Lobesia

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Tortricoidea family Tortricidae subfamily Olethreutinae tribe Lobesiini → genus Lobesia (Guenee, 1845)


Daughter taxa

Harmosma Diakonoff, 1963 [subgenus]

Lobesia harmonia, Lobesia quadratica

Lobesiodes (Diakonoff, 1954) [subgenus]

Lobesia euphorbiana, Lobesia occidentis

Lobesia acroleuca Diakonoff 1973 [species]

Lobesia aeolopa Meyrick 1907 [species]

Lobesia albotegula Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Lobesia amaryllana Millière 1875 [species]

Lobesia ambigua Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Lobesia archaetypa Diakonoff 1992 [species]

Lobesia arenacea Meyrick 1917 [species]

Lobesia arescophanes Turner 1945 [species]

Lobesia arguta Bae & Komai 1991 [species]

Lobesia atrata Diakonoff 1973 [species]

Lobesia atsushii Bae 1993 [species]

Lobesia attributana Kennel 1901 [species]

Lobesia bisyringnata Bae 1993 [species]

Lobesia candida Diakonoff 1973 [species]

Lobesia carduana (Busck, 1907) [species]

Lobesia cathedra Clarke 1976 [species]

Lobesia cetratana Rebel 1907 [species]

Lobesia characterana Caradja 1916 [species]

Lobesia clarisecta Meyrick 1932 [species]

Lobesia clavosa Diakonoff 1973 [species]

Lobesia coccophaga Falkovich 1970 [species]

Lobesia cunninghamiacola Liu & Pai 1977 [species]

Lobesia deltophora Meyrick 1921 [species]

Lobesia duplicata Falkovitsh, 1970 [species]

Lobesia elasmopyga Diakonoff 1973 [species]

Lobesia embrithes Diakonoff 1961 [species]

Lobesia eoplecta Meyrick 1925 [species]

Lobesia extrusana Walker 1863 [species]

Lobesia fetialis Meyrick 1920 [species]

Lobesia fictana Kennel 1901 [species]

Lobesia fuligana Haworth 1811 [species]

Lobesia genialis Meyrick 1912 [species]

Lobesia glebifera Meyrick 1912 [species]

Lobesia globosterigma Liu & Bae 1994 [species]

Lobesia hendrickxi Ghesquière 1940 [species]

Lobesia herculeana Kennel 1900 [species]

Lobesia isochroa Meyrick 1891 [species]

Lobesia kurokoi Bae 1995 [species]

Lobesia leucospilana Mabille 1900 [species]

Lobesia lithogonia Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Lobesia longisterigma LIu & Bae 1994 [species]

Lobesia macroptera LIu & Bae 1994 [species]

Lobesia mechanodes Meyrick 1936 [species]

Lobesia melanops Diakonoff 1956 [species]

Lobesia meliscia Meyrick 1910 [species]

Lobesia metachlora Meyrick 1913 [species]

Lobesia mieae Kawabe 1980 [species]

Lobesia minuta Diakonoff 1956 [species]

Lobesia montana Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Lobesia moriutii Bae 1995 [species]

Lobesia ochronoma Meyrick [species]

Lobesia orphica Meyrick 1920 [species]

Lobesia orthomorpha Meyrick 1928 [species]

Lobesia oxymochla Meyrick 1917 [species]

Lobesia oxypercna Meyrick 1930 [species]

Lobesia paradisea Diakonoff 1953 [species]

Lobesia paraphragma Meyrick 1922 [species]

Lobesia parvulana Walker 1863 [species]

Lobesia pattayae Bae 1995 [species]

Lobesia peltophora Meyrick 1911 [species]

Lobesia peplotoma Meyrick 1928 [species]

Lobesia physophora Lower 1901 [species]

Lobesia postica Bae 1993 [species]

Lobesia primaria Meyrick 1909 [species]

Lobesia pullana Kennel 1900 [species]

Lobesia pyriformis Bae & Park 1992 [species]

Lobesia quadricata Meyrick 1911 [species]

Lobesia rapta Diakonoff 1957 [species]

Lobesia relicta Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Lobesia reprobata Clarke 1976 [species]

Lobesia rhipidoma Meyrick 1925 [species]

Lobesia rhombophora Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Lobesia scorpiodes Meyrick 1908 [species]

Lobesia semosa Diakonoff 1992 [species]

Lobesia serangodes Meyrick 1920 [species]

Lobesia siamensis Bae 1995 [species]

Lobesia sitophaga Meyrick 1922 [species]

Lobesia spriaeae (McDunnough, 1938) [species]

Lobesia stenaspis Meyrick 1921 [species]

Lobesia stericta Meyrick 1911 [species]

Lobesia subherculeana (Filipjev, 1924) [species]

Lobesia sutteri Diakonoff 1956 [species]

Lobesia symploca Turner 1926 [species]

Lobesia takahiroi Bae 1996 [species]

Lobesia thlastopa Meyrick 1937 [species]

Lobesia transtrifera Meyrick 1920 [species]

Lobesia triacanthis Diakonoff 1992 [species]

Lobesia tritoma Diakonoff 1953 [species]

Lobesia ultima Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Lobesia vectis Diakonoff 1983 [species]

Lobesia xylistis Lower 1901 [species]

Lobesia yasudai Bae & Komai, 1991 [species]


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