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Callophrys butlerovi Migranov, 1991

Самец  Callophrys butlerovi


class Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Lycaenidae subfamily Theclinae tribe Eumaeini genus Callophrys → species Callophrys butlerovi

Species name(s)

Callophrys butlerovi Migranov, 1991 = Callophys butlerovi Migranov, 1992 = Callophrys rubi butlerovi.


Russia regions

#17. Yuzhno-Uralsky.

Primary colors

Brown/Gray/Black, White.

Имаго  Callophrys butlerovi

Detailed information with references

Habitus and Differences from alike species

  • The underside of the wings of pistachio green, without a distinct golden yellow tide. Anal angle of the rear wing with a brush of short black hairs or without them. UnlikeCallophrys rubiforehead green.
    Wingspan - 28-30mm. [184]. Shamil Murtazin.


  • Regions of Russia: South Ural. [3]. Peter Khramov.


  • From late April to early July. One generation. [184]. Shamil Murtazin.

Larva food plants

  • Perhaps the caterpillars develop in the spirit. [184]. Shamil Murtazin.


Photos: Shamil Murtazin.

Text data: Peter Khramov, Shamil Murtazin.

Main characteristics formalization: Peter Khramov.

Color characteristics formalization: Peter Khramov.



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07.05.2016 21:14, Shamil Murtazin

There is information about the presence of the species in the Orenburg region.
The collection Dmitry Morgun there are 4 instances of this kind: the material from Valentina Zurilinoy - in the Orenburg region, Saraktashsky District, settlement Kuvandyk and Chernorechka; in Bashkiria - settlement Yantysh and Kugarchi. All collected in mid-June.

24.05.2015 13:04, Shamil Murtazin

Who wants to catch this kind of - that you map the area. Known only one point of fishing in Bashkortostan:

22.05.2015 12:10, Shamil Murtazin

Advance photo view. Houses do normally.
Visible small green "cap" on the head

18.04.2015 15:38, Shamil Murtazin

Migranov MG Butterflies of Bashkiria. Determinant. Ufa. - 1991.
SomeoneCallophrys rubiwith green foreheads found? =)

18.04.2015 15:17, Shamil Murtazin

Butterfly found in the museum, but it is not folding box. Sealed "forever" =)
I will try once through the glass, but it is sad of course ...

11.04.2015 22:37, Shamil Murtazin

Found at the exhibition collection Migranova. It is necessary to clarify whether they have the funds to his collection. Maybe there will find a butterfly ...

05.04.2015 13:23, Shamil Murtazin

Please tell me where to find a reliable picture of the species. Surname heard (countryman after all), but is not familiar with the publications.

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