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Subfamily Musotiminae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Crambidae → subfamily Musotiminae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 14 (2 illustrated). Species.

Ambia Walker, 1859 [genus]

Ambia albiflavalis, Ambia albipunctalis, Ambia albitessellalis, Ambia albobasalis, Ambia albomaculalis, Ambia ambrealis, Ambia amoyalis, Ambia andasalis, Ambia anosibalis, Ambia argentifascialis, Ambia asaphalis, Ambia atristrigalis, Ambia aulacophora, Ambia bagoasalis, Ambia bolusalis, Ambia cantiusalis, Ambia chalcichroalis, Ambia chrysogramma, Ambia cilianalis, Ambia colonalis, Ambia complicata, Ambia conspurcatalis, Ambia cymophoralis, Ambia damescalis, Ambia debalis, Ambia decoralis, Ambia dendalis, Ambia ellipes, Ambia elphegalis, Ambia endophthalma, Ambia eucampta, Ambia eudamidasalis, Ambia flavalis, Ambia fulvicolor, Ambia fulvitinctalis, Ambia fulvobasalis, Ambia fusalis, Ambia gueneealis, Ambia hemigrammalis, Ambia heptopalis, Ambia iambesalis, Ambia interstrigalis, Ambia intortalis, Ambia jonesalis, Ambia klossi, Ambia leucochrysa, Ambia leucocymalis, Ambia leucoplaca, Ambia leucostictalis, Ambia magnificalis, Ambia mantasoalis, Ambia marconalis, Ambia marginalis, Ambia marmorealis, Ambia melanalis, Ambia melanistis, Ambia mesoscotalis, Ambia mineolalis, Ambia niveiplagalis, Ambia nosivalis, Ambia oedizonalis, Ambia oligalis, Ambia paigniodesalis, Ambia parachrysis, Ambia pedionoma, Ambia perornatalis, Ambia phaeochroalis, Ambia phaeomeralis, Ambia phaeozonalis, Ambia phobos, Ambia picalis, Ambia pictoralis, Ambia poritialis, Ambia prolalis, Ambia ptolycusalis, Ambia rhabdotalis, Ambia rufitincta, Ambia schistochaeta, Ambia selenias, Ambia semifascialis, Ambia semilunalis, Ambia sufetulodes, Ambia symphorasalis, Ambia tendicularis, Ambia tenebrosalis, Ambia tenella, Ambia thyridialis, Ambia vagilinealis, Ambia vilisalis, Ambia xantholeuca, Ambia yamanakai

Austromusotima Yen & Solis in Yen, Solis & Goolsby, 2004 [genus]

Austromusotima camptozonale, Austromusotima metastictalis

Barisoa Möschler, 1886 [genus]

Barisoa intentalis

Drosophantis Meyrick, 1935 [genus]

Drosophantis caeruleata

Eugauria Snellen, 1901 [genus]

Eugauria albidentata

Siamusotima Yen & Solis in Solis, Yen, Gooldsby, Wright, Pemberton, Winotai, Chattrukul, Thagong & Rimbut, 2005 [genus]

Siamusotima aranea


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