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Genus Cigaritis

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Lycaenidae subfamily Theclinae tribe Aphnaeini → genus Cigaritis Donzel, 1847


Daughter taxa

Cigaritis abnormis Moore, [1884] [species]

Cigaritis allardi Oberthur, 1909 [species]

C. a. allardi, C. a. estherae, C. a. meridionalis, C. a. occidentalis

Cigaritis amine Butler 1874 [species]

Cigaritis apelles (Oberthür, 1878) [species]

Cigaritis apuleia (Hulstaert, 1924) [species]

Cigaritis arooni (Murayama & Kimura, 1990) [species]

Cigaritis avriko (Karsch, 1893) [species]

Cigaritis baghirmii (Stempffer, 1946) [species]

Cigaritis bergeri (Bouyer, 2003) [species]

Cigaritis brunnea (Jackson, 1965) [species]

Cigaritis buchanani (Rothschild, 1921) [species]

Cigaritis cilissa Lederer, 1861 [species]

C. c. minima

Cigaritis collinsi (Kielland, 1980) [species]

Cigaritis crustaria (Holland, 1890) [species]

C. c. crustaria, C. c. mysteriosa

Cigaritis cynica (Riley, 1921) [species]

Cigaritis delagoensis Sharpe 1891 [species]

Cigaritis dufranei (Bouyer, 1991) [species]

Cigaritis elima (Moore, 1877) [species]

Cigaritis ella (Hewitson, 1865) [species]

C. e. barnesi

Cigaritis elwesi Evans, [1925] [species]

Cigaritis epargyros (Eversmann, 1854) [species]

C. e. epargyros, C. e. marginalis, C. e. marginalis, C. e. transcaspica, C. e. transcaspica

Cigaritis evansii (Tytler, 1915) [species]

C. e. ayuthia

Cigaritis gillettii (Riley, 1925) [species]

Cigaritis greeni (Heron, 1896) [species]

Cigaritis hassoni (Bouyer, 2003) [species]

Cigaritis homeyeri (Dewitz, 1886) [species]

C. h. fracta

Cigaritis ictis (Hewitson, 1865) [species]

C. i. ceylonica, C. i. ictis

Cigaritis iza (Hewitson, 1865) [species]

Cigaritis kutu (Corbet, 1940) [species]

Cigaritis kuyaniana Matsumura [species]

Cigaritis learmondi (Tytler, 1940) [species]

Cigaritis leechi Swinhoe, 1912 [species]

Cigaritis lilacinus (Moore, 1884) [species]

Cigaritis lohita (Horsfield, [1829]) [species]

C. l. batina, C. l. formosana, C. l. himalayanus, C. l. lazularia, C. l. lohita, C. l. milleri, C. l. panasa, C. l. panasa, C. l. rokana, C. l. senama, C. l. zebrina

Cigaritis lunulifera (Moore, 1879) [species]

C. l. fairlei, C. l. lunulifera

Cigaritis lutosa Plötz, 1880 [species]

Cigaritis maxima Staudinger, 1901 [species]

Cigaritis maximus (Elwes, [1893]) [species]

Cigaritis menelas (Druce, 1907) [species]

Cigaritis minor Staudinger [species]

Cigaritis mishmisensis (South, 1913) [species]

Cigaritis modestus (Trimen, 1891) [species]

C. m. modestus

Cigaritis montana (Joicey & Talbot, 1924) [species]

Cigaritis mozambica (Bertolini, 1850) [species]

Cigaritis myrmecophila Dumont, 1922 [species]

C. m. farsica, C. m. myrmecophila

Cigaritis nairobiensis (Sharpe, 1904) [species]

Cigaritis namaquus (Trimen, 1874) [species]

Cigaritis natalensis (Westwood, 1851) [species]

Cigaritis nilus (Hewitson, 1865) [species]

Cigaritis nipalicus (Moore, 1884) [species]

Cigaritis nubilus (Moore, [1887]) [species]

Cigaritis nyassae (Butler, 1884) [species]

Cigaritis overlaeti (Bouyer, 1998) [species]

Cigaritis phanes (Trimen, 1873) [species]

Cigaritis pinheyi (Heath, 1983) [species]

Cigaritis rukma (de Nicéville, [1889]) [species]

Cigaritis rukmini de Nicéville, [1889] [species]

Cigaritis schistacea (Moore, [1881]) [species]

C. s. gabriel, C. s. schistacea

Cigaritis scotti (Gabriel, 1954) [species]

Cigaritis seliga (Fruhstorfer, 1912) [species]

C. s. rokana, C. s. seliga

Cigaritis shaba (Bouyer, 1991) [species]

Cigaritis siphax (Lucas, 1849) [species]

Cigaritis somalina (Butler, [1886]) [species]

Cigaritis syama (Horsfield, [1829]) [species]

C. s. frigidus, C. s. hainana, C. s. latipicta, C. s. negrita, C. s. peguanus, C. s. sepulveda, C. s. syama, C. s. terana

Cigaritis syphax Lucas 1849 [species]

C. s. erythrea

Cigaritis takanonis (Matsumura, 1906) [species]

C. t. ducalis, C. t. morinis, C. t. ohkuranis, C. t. prospera

Cigaritis tanganyikae (Kielland, 1990) [species]

Cigaritis tavetensis (Lathy, 1906) [species]

Cigaritis trifurcata (Moore, 1882) [species]

Cigaritis trimeni (Neave, 1910) [species]

C. t. congolanus, C. t. trimeni

Cigaritis victoriae (Butler, 1884) [species]

Cigaritis vixinga (Hewitson, 1875) [species]

C. v. davidsoni, C. v. vixinga

Cigaritis vulcanus (Fabricius, 1775) [species]

C. v. fusca, C. v. javanus, C. v. maximus, C. v. tavoyana, C. v. vulcanus

Cigaritis zhengweille [species]

C. z. chayuensis

Cigaritis zohra Donzel, 1847 [species]

C. z. delacrei, C. z. jugurtha, C. z. monticola, C. z. oberthueri, C. z. zohra


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