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Subfamily Chrysauginae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Pyralidae → subfamily Chrysauginae Lederer

Daughter taxa

Genera: 131 (0 illustrated). Species.

Acallidia Schaus, 1913 [genus]

Acallidia dentilinea

Acutia Ragonot, 1891 [genus]

Acutia falciferalis

Anassodes Turner, 1932 [genus]

Anassodes mesozonalis

Arbinia Möschler, 1880 [genus]

Arbinia todilla

Area Ragonot, 1891 [genus]

Area diaphanalis

Basacallis Cashatt, 1969 [genus]

Basacallis tarachodes

Bisinusia Amsel, 1956 [genus]

Bisinusia palmipes

Bradypodicola Spuler, 1906 [genus]

Bradypodicola hahneli

Bradypophila Ihering, 1914 [genus]

Bradypophila garbei

Candisa Walker, [1866] [genus]

Candisa flavelata

Cappsia Pastrana, 1953 [genus]

Cappsia bourquini

Catadupa Walker, 1863 [genus]

Catadupa integrana

Chenevadia Dyar, 1914 [genus]

Chenevadia huralis

Craftsia Dyar, 1914 [genus]

Craftsia vaetta

Cromarcha Dyar, 1914 [genus]

Cromarcha polybata

Cyclidalis Hampson, 1906 [genus]

Cyclidalis chrysealis

Dastira Walker, 1859 [genus]

Dastira hippialis

Deopteryx Dyar, 1914 [genus]

Deopteryx hypenetes

Derbeta Walker, [1866] [genus]

Derbeta nigrifimbria

Distortia Amsel, 1956 [genus]

Distortia minimalis

Drepanodia Ragonot, 1892 [genus]

Drepanodia xerophyllalis

Eobrena Dyar, 1914 [genus]

Eobrena tumida

Epidelia Ragonot, 1891 [genus]

Epidelia damia, Epidelia viridalis

Epiparachma Amsel, 1956 [genus]

Epiparachma notabila

Eupilocera Dognin, 1909 [genus]

Eupilocera gravidalis

Galasodes Amsel, 1956 [genus]

Galasodes nervosella

Gephyrella Dyar, 1914 [genus]

Gephyrella parsimonalis

Heliades Ragonot, 1891 [genus]

Heliades mulleolella

Humiphila Becker, 1974 [genus]

Humiphila paleolivacea

Idneodes Ragonot, 1892 [genus]

Idneodes tretopteralis

Itambe Ragonot, 1892 [genus]

Itambe fenestalis

Martiniodes Amsel, 1956 [genus]

Martiniodes sacculalis

Megacaphys Hampson, 1916 [genus]

Megacaphys titana

Microrca Amsel, 1956 [genus]

Microrca bistrialis

Microsauge Amsel, 1956 [genus]

Microsauge bistrialis

Microzancla Hampson, 1897 [genus]

Microzancla ignitalis

Mimetauge Munroe, 1970 [genus]

Mimetauge napeogenalis

Myolisa Dyar, 1914 [genus]

Myolisa chattinis

Navura Schaus, 1913 [genus]

Navura lobata

Negalasa Barnes & McDunnough, 1913 [genus]

Negalasa fumalis

Neocaphys Amsel, 1956 [genus]

Neocaphys purpuralis

Ocoba Dyar, 1914 [genus]

Ocoba melanophila

Oedmatodes Ragonot, 1892 [genus]

Oedmatodes chilensis

Ophias Ragonot, 1891 [genus]

Ophias albiundalis

Oryctopleura Ragonot, 1891 [genus]

Oryctopleura arcuatalis

Pachypalpia Hampson, 1895 [genus]

Pachypalpia dispilalis

Paragalasa Cashatt, 1969 [genus]

Paragalasa exospinalis

Parasopia Möschler, 1890 [genus]

Parasopia dissimilalis

Pionidia Hampson, 1897 [genus]

Pionidia albicilia

Polyterpnes Turner, 1932 [genus]

Polyterpnes polyrrhoda

Protrichia Hampson, 1897 [genus]

Protrichia vinacea

Pyrauge Hampson, 1906 [genus]

Pyrauge flammealis

Pyraustodes Ragonot, 1891 [genus]

Pyraustodes flavicostalis

Rhynchotosale Hampson, 1916 [genus]

Rhynchotosale filata

Rucuma Walker, 1863 [genus]

Rucuma recurvana

Samcova Walker, 1863 [genus]

Samcova incensana

Satole Dyar, 1908 [genus]

Satole ligniperdalis

Speosia Schaus, 1913 [genus]

Speosia bullata

Tamyra Herrich-Schäffer, [1858] [genus]

Tamyra ignitalis, Tamyra papulalis, Tamyra penicillana

Thermotesia Hampson, 1916 [genus]

Thermotesia violascens

Tippecoa Dyar, 1914 [genus]

Tippecoa infans

Torotambe Dyar, 1914 [genus]

Torotambe mirabella

Ungulopsis Amsel, 1956 [genus]

Ungulopsis jubatalis

Voglia Amsel, 1956 [genus]

Voglia monotona

Zamanna Dyar, 1914 [genus]

Zamanna dimorphalis

Zanclodes Ragonot, 1891 [genus]

Zanclodes falculalis


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