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Subfamily Hadeninae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae → subfamily Hadeninae


Daughter taxa

Tribes: 1 (0 illustrated). Genera: 109 (7 illustrated). Species.

Acerra Grote, 1874 [genus]

Acerra normalis

Acopa Harvey, 1875 [genus]

Acopa carina, Acopa perpallida

Afotella Barnes & Benjamin, 1926 [genus]

Afotella cylindrica

Anycteola Barnes & Benjamin, 1929 [genus]

Anycteola fotelloides

Axenus Grote, 1873 [genus]

Axenus arvalis

Barybela Turner, 1944 [genus]

Barybela chionostigma

Bornolis Holloway, 1989 [genus]

Bornolis kamburonga

Bouda Dyar, 1918 [genus]

Bouda hidalgonis, Bouda pallipars

Cephalospargeta Möschler, 1890 [genus]

Cephalospargeta elongata

Clavipalpa Joicey & Talbot in Joicey, Noakes & Talbot, 1916 [genus]

Clavipalpa calochroa, Clavipalpa ferruginea, Clavipalpa monogramma

Cosmodes Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1852 [genus]

Cosmodes elegans

Crocigrapha Grote, 1875 [genus]

Crocigrapha normani

Crosia Dupont, 1910 [genus]

Crosia hachem

Dictyestra Sugi, 1982 [genus]

Dictyestra dissectus

Diplonephra Turner, 1920 [genus]

Diplonephra ditata

Eccleta Turner, 1902 [genus]

Eccleta xuthophanes

Eremaula Turner, 1942 [genus]

Eremaula minor

Escaria Grote, 1882 [genus]

Escaria clauda, Escaria homogena

Eumuelleria Dyar, 1918 [genus]

Eumuelleria cliopis

Eviridemas Barnes & Benjamin, 1929 [genus]

Eviridemas minuta

Fota Grote, 1882 [genus]

Fota armata, Fota minorata

Fotopsis Dyar, 1918 [genus]

Fotopsis sparganiotis

Hadenella Grote, 1883 [genus]

Hadenella pergentilis

Janseodes Viette, 1967 [genus]

Janseodes melanospila

Magellana Staudinger, 1899 [genus]

Magellana trisema

Metopiora Meyrick, 1902 [genus]

Metopiora sanguinata

Minofala Smith, 1905 [genus]

Minofala instans

Monoptya Hampson, 1908 [genus]

Monoptya leucobasis

Musothyma Meyrick, 1897 [genus]

Musothyma cyanastis

Nacopa Barnes & Benjamin, 1924 [genus]

Nacopa bistrigata, Nacopa melanderi

Oxythaphora Dyar, 1917 [genus]

Oxythaphora delta

Pansemna Turner, 1920 [genus]

Pansemna beryllodes

Paromphale Hampson, 1908 [genus]

Paromphale caeca

Prochloridea Barnes & McDunnough, 1911 [genus]

Prochloridea modesta

Sparkia Nye, 1975 [genus]

Sparkia immacula

Thegalea Turner, 1920 [genus]

Thegalea haemorrhanta

Tridepia McDunnough, 1937 [genus]

Tridepia nova

Tringilburra Lucas, 1901 [genus]

Tringilburra lugens

Trudestra McDunnough, 1937 [genus]

Trudestra hadeniformis

Walterella Dyar, 1921 [genus]

Walterella ocellata

Xanthiria Hampson, 1908 [genus]

Xanthiria primulina


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