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Tribe Acraeini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Nymphalidae subfamily Heliconiinae → tribe Acraeini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 7 (5 illustrated). Species.

Acraea Fabricius, 1807 [genus]

Acraea abdera, Acraea acara, Acraea acerata, Acraea acrita, Acraea actinotina, Acraea acuta, Acraea acutipennis, Acraea admatha, Acraea adrasta, Acraea aganice, Acraea aglaonice, Acraea alalonga, Acraea alcinoe, Acraea alciope, Acraea alciopoides, Acraea alicia, Acraea althoffi, Acraea alticola, Acraea amicitiae, Acraea anacreon, Acraea anacreontica, Acraea andromacha, Acraea anemosa, Acraea annonae, Acraea ansorgei, Acraea arabica, Acraea asboloplintha, Acraea asema, Acraea atatis, Acraea atergatis, Acraea atolmis, Acraea aubyni, Acraea aureola, Acraea aurivillii, Acraea axina, Acraea bailundensis, Acraea barberi, Acraea baxteri, Acraea bellona, Acraea bergeri, Acraea bergeriana, Acraea bomba, Acraea bonasia, Acraea boopis, Acraea braesia, Acraea braesioides, Acraea brainei, Acraea buettneri, Acraea burgessi, Acraea burni, Acraea buschbecki, Acraea cabira, Acraea caecilia, Acraea caldarena, Acraea calida, Acraea camaena, Acraea cepheus, Acraea cerasa, Acraea chaeribula, Acraea chambezi, Acraea chilo, Acraea cinerea, Acraea circeis, Acraea comor, Acraea conradti, Acraea consanguinea, Acraea cuva, Acraea dammii, Acraea diogenes, Acraea disjuncta, Acraea dondoensis, Acraea doubledayi, Acraea egina, Acraea ella, Acraea elongata, Acraea eltringhami, Acraea eltringhamiana, Acraea encedana, Acraea encedon, Acraea encoda, Acraea endoscota, Acraea epaea, Acraea epiprotea, Acraea eponina, Acraea equatorialis, Acraea esebria, Acraea eugenia, Acraea excelsior, Acraea excisa, Acraea formosa, Acraea fornax, Acraea goetzei, Acraea grosvenori, Acraea guichardi, Acraea guillemei, Acraea guluensis, Acraea hamata, Acraea hecqui, Acraea horta, Acraea hova, Acraea humilis, Acraea hypoleuca, Acraea igati, Acraea igola, Acraea indentata, Acraea induna, Acraea insignis, Acraea insularis, Acraea intermedia, Acraea intermediodes, Acraea issoria, Acraea iturina, Acraea iturinoides, Acraea jodutta, Acraea johnstoni, Acraea jordani, Acraea kalinzu, Acraea kappa, Acraea karschi, Acraea kia, Acraea kibi, Acraea kinduana, Acraea kraka, Acraea kuekenthali, Acraea kukenthali, Acraea lapidorum, Acraea leopoldina, Acraea leucographa, Acraea leucopyga, Acraea lia, Acraea lofua, Acraea loranae, Acraea lualabae, Acraea lumiri, Acraea lusinga, Acraea lyci, Acraea lycia, Acraea lycoa, Acraea lygus, Acraea macaria, Acraea macarista, Acraea machequena, Acraea magnifica, Acraea mahela, Acraea mairessei, Acraea manca, Acraea mansya, Acraea marnois, Acraea masamba, Acraea masaris, Acraea matuapa, Acraea medea, Acraea melanoxantha, Acraea mima, Acraea mirabilis, Acraea miranda, Acraea mirifica, Acraea natalica, Acraea necoda, Acraea neobule, Acraea newtoni, Acraea niobe, Acraea nohara, Acraea ntebiae, Acraea obeira, Acraea oberthueri, Acraea oberthuri, Acraea obliqua, Acraea odzalae, Acraea omrora, Acraea oncaea, Acraea onerata, Acraea oreas, Acraea orestia, Acraea orina, Acraea orinata, Acraea oscari, Acraea overlaeti, Acraea pallula, Acraea parei, Acraea parrhasia, Acraea peetersi, Acraea pelopeia, Acraea peneleos, Acraea penelope, Acraea pentapolis, Acraea perenna, Acraea periphanes, Acraea persanguinea, Acraea petraea, Acraea pharsalus, Acraea pierrei, Acraea poggei, Acraea polis, Acraea pseudatolmis, Acraea pseudegina, Acraea pseudepaea, Acraea pseudeuryta, Acraea pseudolycia, Acraea pudorella, Acraea pudorina, Acraea pullula, Acraea punctellata, Acraea punctimarginea, Acraea quadricolor, Acraea quirina, Acraea quirinalis, Acraea rabbaiae, Acraea rahira, Acraea ranavalona, Acraea rangatana, Acraea rhodesiana, Acraea rileyi, Acraea rogersi, Acraea rohlfsi, Acraea rupicola, Acraea safie, Acraea sambavae, Acraea satis, Acraea scalivittata, Acraea schoutedeni, Acraea semivitrea, Acraea serena, Acraea silia, Acraea siliana, Acraea silvicola, Acraea simulata, Acraea simulator, Acraea sotikensis, Acraea speciosa, Acraea stenobea, Acraea stictica, Acraea strattipocles, Acraea sykesi, Acraea tellus, Acraea toruna, Acraea translucida, Acraea trimeni, Acraea tropicalis, Acraea turlini, Acraea turna, Acraea umbra, Acraea ungemachi, Acraea utengulensis, Acraea uvui, Acraea ventura, Acraea vesperalis, Acraea vestalis, Acraea violae, Acraea violarum, Acraea viviana, Acraea vuilloti, Acraea vumbui, Acraea wigginsi, Acraea zambesina, Acraea zetes, Acraea zitja, Acraea zonata, Acraea zoumi

Miyana Fruhstorfer, [1914] [genus]

Miyana meyeri, Miyana moluccana

Acraeini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Acraeini sp. (large size).

Acraeini sp. Acraeini sp. Acraeini sp. Acraeini sp. Acraeini sp. Acraeini sp. Acraeini sp.


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