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Tribe Acronictini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae subfamily Acronictinae → tribe Acronictini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 8 (5 illustrated). Subgenera: 5 (5 illustrated). Species.

Acronicta (Ochsenheimer, 1816) [genus]

Acronicta, Hyboma, Jocheaera, Triaena, Viminia,
Acronicta acla, Acronicta adaucta, Acronicta afflicta, Acronicta agnata, Acronicta albarufa, Acronicta albiorbis, Acronicta albistigma, Acronicta americana, Acronicta anceps, Acronicta angustimacula, Acronicta ardjuna, Acronicta arioch, Acronicta atristrigata, Acronicta atristrigatus, Acronicta australis, Acronicta barnesii, Acronicta beameri, Acronicta bellula, Acronicta betulae, Acronicta bicolor, Acronicta browni, Acronicta brumosa, Acronicta caesarea, Acronicta carbonaria, Acronicta catocaloida, Acronicta cavillatrix, Acronicta centralis, Acronicta chingana, Acronicta cinarescens, Acronicta clarescens, Acronicta concerpta, Acronicta connecta, Acronicta crenulata, Acronicta cubitata, Acronicta cyanescens, Acronicta dactylina, Acronicta denticulata, Acronicta digna, Acronicta dinawa, Acronicta distans, Acronicta dolli, Acronicta edolata, Acronicta edolatina, Acronicta elegans, Acronicta exempta, Acronicta exilis, Acronicta expergita, Acronicta extricata, Acronicta falcula, Acronicta farona, Acronicta formosana, Acronicta fragilis, Acronicta fumeola, Acronicta funeralis, Acronicta furcifera, Acronicta gasta, Acronicta gastridia, Acronicta geminata, Acronicta grisea, Acronicta haesitata, Acronicta hamamelis, Acronicta hasta, Acronicta hastulifera, Acronicta heitzmani, Acronicta hemileuca, Acronicta hercules, Acronicta hesperida, Acronicta impleta, Acronicta impressa, Acronicta inclara, Acronicta increta, Acronicta indica, Acronicta innotata, Acronicta insita, Acronicta insitiva, Acronicta intermedia, Acronicta interrupta, Acronicta iria, Acronicta isocuspis, Acronicta javanica, Acronicta johanna, Acronicta jozana, Acronicta laetifica, Acronicta lanceolaria, Acronicta lepetita, Acronicta lepusculina, Acronicta leucocuspis, Acronicta lilacina, Acronicta lithospila, Acronicta lobeliae, Acronicta longa, Acronicta longatella, Acronicta lupini, Acronicta lutea, Acronicta luteola, Acronicta major, Acronicta mansueta, Acronicta marmorata, Acronicta metaxantha, Acronicta modica, Acronicta morula, Acronicta nigralbata, Acronicta nigricans, Acronicta nigrivitta, Acronicta nigromaculata, Acronicta niveosparsa, Acronicta noctivaga, Acronicta novella, Acronicta nubilata, Acronicta oblinita, Acronicta obsuta, Acronicta omihsiensis, Acronicta omorii, Acronicta othello, Acronicta ovata, Acronicta pachycephala, Acronicta parallela, Acronicta pasiphae, Acronicta paupercula, Acronicta perblanda, Acronicta perdita, Acronicta pfizenmayeri, Acronicta phaeocosma, Acronicta pruinosa, Acronicta pruni, Acronicta psorallina, Acronicta pulverosa, Acronicta quadrata, Acronicta radcliffei, Acronicta radiata, Acronicta raphael, Acronicta rapidan, Acronicta regifica, Acronicta renirufa, Acronicta retardata, Acronicta revellata, Acronicta rubiginosa, Acronicta rubricoma, Acronicta saadi, Acronicta sagittata, Acronicta sinescripta, Acronicta sperata, Acronicta spinea, Acronicta spinigera, Acronicta strigulata, Acronicta subochrea, Acronicta subornata, Acronicta subpurpurea, Acronicta succedens, Acronicta sugii, Acronicta superans, Acronicta tartarea, Acronicta taurica, Acronicta tegminalis, Acronicta terrigena, Acronicta theodora, Acronicta thoracica, Acronicta tiena, Acronicta tota, Acronicta transvalica, Acronicta tristis, Acronicta tritona, Acronicta valliscola, Acronicta velia, Acronicta vinnula, Acronicta vulpina, Acronicta yangtseana, Acronicta ybasis

Acronictini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Acronictini sp. (large size).

Acronictini sp. Acronictini sp. Acronictini sp. Acronictini sp. Acronictini sp. Acronictini sp.


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