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Subtribe Pentilina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Lycaenidae subfamily Poritiinae tribe Liptenini → subtribe Pentilina


Daughter taxa

Genera: 7 (1 illustrated). Species.

Ornipholidotos Bethune-Baker, 1914 [genus]

Ornipholidotos abriana, Ornipholidotos ackeryi, Ornipholidotos amieti, Ornipholidotos annae, Ornipholidotos aureliae, Ornipholidotos ayissii, Ornipholidotos bakotae, Ornipholidotos bitjeensis, Ornipholidotos boormani, Ornipholidotos camerunensis, Ornipholidotos carolinae, Ornipholidotos congoensis, Ornipholidotos dargei, Ornipholidotos dowsetti, Ornipholidotos ducarmei, Ornipholidotos emarginata, Ornipholidotos etoumbi, Ornipholidotos evoei, Ornipholidotos francisci, Ornipholidotos gabonensis, Ornipholidotos gemina, Ornipholidotos ghesquierei, Ornipholidotos ginettae, Ornipholidotos goodgerae, Ornipholidotos henrii, Ornipholidotos irwini, Ornipholidotos issia, Ornipholidotos ivoiriensis, Ornipholidotos jacksoni, Ornipholidotos jax, Ornipholidotos jolyana, Ornipholidotos josianae, Ornipholidotos katangae, Ornipholidotos kelle, Ornipholidotos kennedyi, Ornipholidotos kirbyi, Ornipholidotos kivu, Ornipholidotos latimargo, Ornipholidotos likouala, Ornipholidotos maesseni, Ornipholidotos mathildae, Ornipholidotos michelae, Ornipholidotos muhata, Ornipholidotos nancy, Ornipholidotos nbeti, Ornipholidotos nguru, Ornipholidotos nigeriae, Ornipholidotos ntebi, Ornipholidotos nympha, Ornipholidotos onitshae, Ornipholidotos oremansi, Ornipholidotos overlaeti, Ornipholidotos paradoxa, Ornipholidotos perfragilis, Ornipholidotos peucetia, Ornipholidotos sylpha, Ornipholidotos sylphida, Ornipholidotos sylviae, Ornipholidotos tanganyikae, Ornipholidotos teroensis, Ornipholidotos tessmani, Ornipholidotos tiassale, Ornipholidotos tirza, Ornipholidotos ugandae


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