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Subtribe Euploeina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Nymphalidae subfamily Danainae tribe Danaini → subtribe Euploeina Moore, [1880]


Daughter taxa

Genera: 6 (3 illustrated). Species.

Archaeolycorea † Martins, 1989 [genus]

Archaeolycorea ferrerai

Euploea Fabricius, 1807 [genus]

Euploea albicosta, Euploea alcathoe, Euploea algea, Euploea asyllus, Euploea batesii, Euploea blossomae, Euploea boisduvali, Euploea caespes, Euploea camaralzeman, Euploea climena, Euploea configurata, Euploea cordelia, Euploea core, Euploea crameri, Euploea darchia, Euploea dehaanii, Euploea dentiplaga, Euploea desjardinsii, Euploea diocletia, Euploea dolata, Euploea doretta, Euploea doubledayi, Euploea dryasis, Euploea eboraci, Euploea eichorni, Euploea eleusina, Euploea eleutho, Euploea eunice, Euploea eupator, Euploea euphon, Euploea eurianassa, Euploea eyndhovii, Euploea funerea, Euploea gamelia, Euploea goudotii, Euploea hewitsonii, Euploea immaculata, Euploea klugii, Euploea lacon, Euploea latifasciata, Euploea leucostictos, Euploea lewanii, Euploea lewinii, Euploea magou, Euploea malayica, Euploea martinii, Euploea metallescens, Euploea midamus, Euploea mitra, Euploea modesta, Euploea morosa, Euploea mulciber, Euploea nechos, Euploea netscheri, Euploea oceanis, Euploea orontobates, Euploea phaenareta, Euploea querinii, Euploea radamanthus, Euploea redtenbacheri, Euploea regeri, Euploea rennellensis, Euploea roepstorffi, Euploea rogeri, Euploea rumphii, Euploea sibulanensis, Euploea simillima, Euploea snelleni, Euploea spiculifera, Euploea stephensii, Euploea susah, Euploea swainson, Euploea sylvester, Euploea tobleri, Euploea transfixa, Euploea treitschkei, Euploea tripunctata, Euploea tulliolus, Euploea umboina, Euploea usipetes, Euploea wallacei, Euploea weiskotti, Euploea westwoodii

Protoploea Ackery & Vane-Wright, 1984 [genus]

Protoploea apatela

Euploeina photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Euploeina sp. (large size).

Euploeina sp. Euploeina sp. Euploeina sp. Euploeina sp. Euploeina sp. Euploeina sp. Euploeina sp. Euploeina sp. Euploeina sp. Euploeina sp. Euploeina sp.


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